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When It Just Won't Work! (Or You Won't)

When It Just Doesn't Work! (Or YOU Won't)

Sometimes you have to stand back and thank God that it's NOT working....

Lately there were a couple of things that just wouldn't work. One of them was me.....

I had a stack of business stuff, mail, important processes and papers and decisions needing my attention, and it kept piling up and piling up, getting more intimidating by the day.

After the recent 5-Day Silent Intensive, I felt the urge to slow down and let a lot of things slide. I'd been on a tireless 2 year run of constant productivity. Suddenly I needed a big break, sorta like that feeling women must get after delivering triplets.

The 5-Day Silent Intensive was a good slowdown, and then I needed more. The Bozeman, Montana trip was a total break, and still I wanted more. Just looking at the pile of undone stuff sent my mind into a foggy state. How could I ever tackle it when I couldn't even begin to focus on it?

In these days of living in the now, it can seem like whatever mode or mood you're in will never end.I thought, "Will I ever want to do anything again?
Probably never, ever, ever! Especially not paperwork!"

But it does end.And compared to pre-Divine Openings days, it ends very quickly.

On Sunday I sat around all day and did the most "nothing" I've done in years. Even on our days of silence we go outdoors or do something at least once during the day. Not this day.

We were vegetables. Happy, relaxed vegetables, putting up no resistance to our vegetative state. We watched four episodes of Northern Exposure on DVD. (I think of the residents of Cicely, Alaska as my personal friends and neighbors. If I don't check in  regularly I miss them. I'll gleefully think, "I'm going to Cicely!"

"I should exercise or something," I thought after the third episode where the former Bubble Boy leaves new love Maggie to fight pollution in the Artic Circle.

"Nah.... I think I'll have another nap instead."

The following Monday I suddenly glided into action without effort or resistance, and completed it all IN 6 HOURS! Bills, quarterly tax form, appointments made, car warranty extended, new bank stuff figured out, forms sent in, issues handled, papers filed, emails answered, orders made, website changes, coordinate with Crystal, decisions made -- all of it -- done.


Something else came to fruition with no effort that same day:I tried for over a month to find an editor to do the final proofing on the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. After thousands of the books have gone all over the world, don't you think it's time to get it in bookstores?

The first prospect kept losing the files and just didn't get it done.Professional editors who applied didn't resonate with me. I knew some of them would be likely to bog down in the huge energy of the book if they were not willing to let it work on them as they worked on IT. Some just didn't get what it was, and wanted to change it. That would be like changing Coca Cola..... oh, they tried that, didn't they?

A professional editor turned upwho will be doing the 5-Day in Toronto. That sounded good, right? No, things came up and she couldn't do it after all. Michael did little bits of editing when he could, but heck, he puts out a magazine every month, and with all our travel, that was going slow as molasses.... but we were having fun.

"It's coming!" I was saying, between bouts of wondering "WHEN IS IT COMING?!?"

Then Crystal, my assistant, had a brainstorm. "Call Stacey!" Stacey is a professional editor who took the January '08 5-Day Silent Intensive. That was it!

Stacey is going to do it,and said she wouldn't dream of charging for it -- she knew she would get so much out of doing it!The others wanted $600-1000. Stacey does want some phone Divine Openings, and I said a big enthusiastic yes to that! I love connecting with Stacey, so it's all an excuse to play.


When you listen within, and relax (most of the time) on the Divine Timing plan, that's what happens. When you do act, it's with amazing efficiency. When it does come in, it's worth the wait.

Now, if you work for someone, they may not understand at first. But if they see it work, they come around.

When Crystal comes up against a block on one project, she gives it a rest, does something else, or goes out to play, and comes back to it later. She won't push a rock uphill. And it works out. I understand this when it happens.

So whenever something isn't working out,know it's for a very good reason. Don't force it. Life is trying to help you avoid a mistake, or wasted effort, time, or money. Someone or something better is coming.

And if you're procrastinating it's just not time, or you're in resistance so all that work would be partly wasted anyway.... or you need a change of pace, or your body is trying to tell you something.

Trust your inner feelings.
Go with, not against the flow.

Love You,

Tune in and feel it right now!

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