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What's been going on in my world....

Hi everyone,
I've been very busy living and working, and with all the travel I work like mad between trips. Loving it though.

Am getting Things Are Going Great In My Absence ready for an international distribution package, with Russell's best-selling-author experience and help.
It will be available to stores world wide when that's done.

Writing the Art of Love and Sex tantra course and am almost done. What fun that is.

Working on two art commissions, and three more books.

You may already know I wrote the theme song for Russell's next documentary film, Beautiful Faces, to be shot in Mexico City. It's about an international team of leading edge surgeons who fix congenitally deformed kids faces in a free health care clinic. I'll get to participate in the production of the music for the film too. That was all on my bucket list. I need a new list now.

Watch for his first documentary, Two Spirits, on PBS this spring.

Donna is starting the online enlightened business course.

Got a 5 Day Silent Retreat happening next week, Jan. 11-15.

Going to L.A. again January 19-23 for my January 22nd birthday, and Russell's taking me to see Cavalia. He is absolutely amazing, but I already felt that tidal wave of energy way before meeting. We've had 4 visits in just short of 3 months -- here at the ranch, in Mexico City, Las Vegas, and in L.A. at his place. Not bad for a relationship that had to start out long distance. I've never experienced such ease and flow and sheer thrill with anyone. The relationship area of my life has finally caught up with every other area of my life. It's very cool.

Looks like we might record Things Are Going Great In My Absence on audio, and we'd vacation in Hawaii while doing it. 

Much love,

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