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What is there to laugh about today?

How causeless laughter can heal...

Beate Iding certified guide on healing laughter

By Beate

It feels really good, you can do it (nearly) everywhere, it‘s for free and is the best Anti-Aging- method. I always loved it, but since the 5-Day-Retreats I practice it much more uncontrolled. I practice it, when I am alone, two by two, in the meantime in large groups, with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers. Causeless laughing, to a fare-thee-well.

In earlier times my friend Biggi and I used to get kicked out of the classroom, because we giggled about the suspenders of our teacher, today we laugh about ourselves and our funny characters. Mostly we are unintentionally funny. Thank God we can laugh about it.

I always thought, that all people would love to laugh so much like I do, until more and more people told me: "I don‘t laugh this much with anybody but you!“ or "Your laughter is so infectious!“ or "Please, come and visit me again, then we‘ll laugh again!“

Two years ago at a further training our coach asked, while leading the "sensitivities talk" in the morning: "When was the last time, that you laughed at the top of your voice?" I did the evening before together with my daughter Anna. Late in the evening she said "Good night" to me and saw me sitting at my desk writing something. She asked: "What are you doing?“ "Doing my homework for tomorrow“ I answered. And she said in a reproachfull manner (like I had obviously done during her school days) "About time too!!!“ She parodied me so to the point, that we both couldn‘t stop laughing...

The other participants of the training tried hard to remember: "Hm, one year ago there was a funny situation...“, the other one: "Well, when I am thinking about it, three years ago there happened a humorous thing, when....“ and the next: "There‘s nothing to laugh about in my life...“

Hey, guys, it can‘t be that difficult!


Laughter raises your vibration...

Okay, I was born in Rhineland, there you are to the manner born. Therefore I never payed attention to the fact, whether I laughed more or less than others. Nevertheless, Divine Openings changed something within me: Years ago due to my over-analytical mind I laughed less with those I loved than with others. Instead I used to criticize, to analyze, to give therapy to my beloved ones with passion and wanted to change them.

Lola Jones spiritual teacher on healing laughter

Through the book, the online courses, the retreats and Lola‘s tips in her audio sessions one day I made the decision, to laugh that much with my beloved ones and my family members than with others.

Lola gave great tips, how to laugh (even more) with your own mother. Since then I never asked my mother: "How are you today?“ when we phoned. Instead I told her a nice joke in the beginning, to avoid to listen to her list of booboos, and very quickly our vibration raised.

During a retreat, it happens, that we roll on the floor with thirty, fourty or fifty people and the causeless laughter – that might last for a felt eternity – heals so much on the body-mind-soul-levels, that it‘s a pure universal remedy.

Somehow the divine lasting laughter preserved itself into my daily life. Recently I gave a session by phone and my client and I – we met in a 5 Day Retreat – simply started to laugh within the first minute. Causeless. Couldn‘t stop for a while.

I laugh with my friends about something funny. I let myself fall into this laughter literally. IT laughs through me. And I allow IT to laugh. It feels soo good. While in former times my friends and I used to co-miserate, tell us our failures and breakdowns, our crisis and complains, we now rave and laugh together (mostly the friends, who share Divine Openings). One infects the other.

But it also works with strangers. Sometimes in the morning I set the intention to laugh a lot that day. Or ask Effective questions: With how much laughter Grace will juice up my day? Who are the people, I will meet today, to laugh a lot with?

And Grace is so cool: Recently I took the bus and the unconvenient busdriver shouted through the speaker at every bus station, when people entered: "Hey, guys, keep going! Enjoy life! Savor this day!" Total strangers laughed out loud and when I dismounted, I said to him: "Thank you for this cheerfull busdriving through Munic!“ He was very pleased.

Lola Jones spiritual teacher on healing laughter

Or in the Subway. I like to sit in the driving direction. I enter and give a sign to a lady, that I would like to sit next to her on the seat, where she had deposited her shopping bags. She takes them without saying something, takes place on the seat opposite to me, throws her bags on the seat next to her and obviously is angry. She darts malignant glances at me. At the next stop a men enters and doesn‘t take the free seat next to me, but wants to sit next to her, and again she has to take her shopping bags to free the place for him. The lady and I look at each other and I start laughing. Fortunately she joins in my laughter and we both can‘t stop it. "Yes“, she says, "how great, if you can laugh about it!“

Many years ago an Ex partner and I went to a mediation. We both were eagerly engaged in declaring, how "wrong“ the other one was. The mediator listened silently and then said: "Do you know, that this just was your normal pattern of arguing?“ My Ex and I looked at each other puzzled and started to laugh out loud. So quickly you can raise up the instrument panel from rage, guilt and blame up to a lighter vibration...

In medicine, laughter is deliberatly chosen for the healing process and there are hospital clowns on the children‘s ward. Adults double up with laughter at the "laughter yoga“ in the parks. "Laughter is healthy!“


You just have to allow yourself. And you don‘t even have to take a course. To set the intention is enough. I the meantime I prefere a comedy to a crime movie in TV. I sleep better then. I mostly read funny novels.

And I love those racks before the stationary shops containing the funny postcards with the jokey sayings on it. Walking by I pick up a portion and stand there laughing, like this one the other day:

Sometimes I think
I am really nuts.
But then I look around here.
And a soft voice is singing‘: "You are not alooone...“ 

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