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Do You Have What-Is-Itis?

Take this vibrational health checkup and kick your addiction to reality as it is now.
Article by Lola Jones

We all catch this sneaky, pervasive virus from time to time:

When what you see on the news is not what you want to see.
When life gets complicated.
When your heart is broken.
When you even temporarily feel overwhelmed by something...
it's all too easy to catch this dangerous virus...
It happens when we let "what's going on out there" dominate our reality and steal our power.
Like mononeucleosis, pneumonia, flu or chronic fatigue syndrome, What-Is-Itis drains all your energy, and makes you feel weak, fearful, and powerless.


It's what happens when we give too much power to "out there" and forget that our power is inside, not out there.

Fear and suffering happens when we forget it's a vibrational Universe, and physical world manifestations and feelings are temporary.

Leaders and change-makers throughout history had great vision, but more importantly they had selective vision. Sure, they see things that could be better, and they use that contrast to gain clarity. But they don't give that contrast too much of their energy. They make a habit of flipping their attention and energy from "what is" to "what could be."
And then they turn their attention and energy to creating something new, even if they know it can't be finished in their lifetime. They're willing to begin and keep going even if they don't get short term results.

That turns out to be the key difference.
But what if you don't know "what could be," so you can't take action on it? With Divine Openings we don't have to know--we can let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. 
I'll share with you a simple antidote to What-Is-Itis below.

But first, to make it more real and accessible for you, I'll share some real life experiences:
Donna, who once worked on our team, got so busy with the wild success of her own company, she was overwhelmed and would need to step down from working for me.
That was going to require me to work more--not exactly welcome news, but I understood--I try to keep my work hours to a level that's healthy and balanced.
I didn't resist, so there was no glue.  I dropped the story and breathed into the feeling. I started looking for the positive aspects of taking over Donna's work till I found someone else.
Only a few days later, Donna wrote this:

Hi Lola, well for goodness sake, having said that "I don't have time" seemed to clear up A TON of time, and I'm feeling like I can easily handle the work with you."Overwhelm" is such a trickster on the Instrument Panel. I clearly made it about what's happening "out there" rather than simply feel the sensation of it.
Melinda, friends with both of us, commented:
"I just opened Donna's email after getting out of a long, hot, Epsom salt bath, after a massage, after a week that pretty much had me in a puddle of overwhelm by Friday night (with some grief thrown in for good measure). I found some relief earlier in the week, but life in Melinda-land over the past 6 or 8 months has been intense (not bad, just a lot...) and this is the week that it finally came to a head and I said Enough! I thought I’d been letting things move, but I really got Friday night how I’d been making myself wrong on many levels, and how I’d been judging myself for being overwhelmed, among other things. And how I’d kind of lost myself in the story of it all. But as soon as I really got that clarity, I just intended it to move and it shifted immediately. I woke up yesterday clearer and more relaxed and excited than I’ve felt in a while and have devoted the weekend to self-love and self-care. Your emails are the cherry on the sundae. Soooo, it seems like we’ve all been at the same Non-Physical party! I love that and I love you both and I love Divine Openings!"

That was just one week!

In this past year so many things happened that at first seemed completely overwhelming to me. Here are just three of those:
1. The mounting complexity of our enormous website meant we needed a new higher level and much more expensive webmaster. It took months to find the right guy, but the site is better than ever now.
2. Our leader in Germany stepped down, leaving us to figure out how to run Divine Openings Germany, print and send German books in Germany, find a German speaking admin in my tiny town, manage the very complicated German Value Added Tax, coordinate German retreats from here, and much more. We resolved it all. It did take time.
3. Then it was time for me to sort out and take over my 82 year old Mom’s disarrayed finances, figure out her Medicare, etc.  I didn’t have a clue… so I just dived into that powerless feeling of not knowing what to do, started step by step, and then as I relaxed and allowed, I found out my own financial planner knew how to do it all quite easily and at no charge.
4. Then came the election surprise that did not go the way I had hoped. It seemed that our country had made a dangerous mistake. I gave this one over to The Presence Within.

I'm raving now. Inner peace is restored.

Yes, as soon as we get out of the way, new possibilities occur. Sometimes seemingly impossible things can be easily done.
If you've read Things Are Going Great In My Absence you know how to get out of the way, but we all need reminders from time to time.
Here's that reminder--it's a sure remedy for What-Is-Itis: 

  1. Take a long, slow, deep breath, and remember that "what is" is a creation, and you can create something else.
  2. Because it is currently "reality," we must first allow, accept, and soften around "what is" so that we release resistance to it. Resistance is like glue that holds unwanted realities in place.
  3. Now use the Diving In process: drop the story and feel the feeling. All Divine Openings regulars know this process, but we can forget when we get stressed. The Diving In Set is included with Portal 1.

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