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Your real job is to keep your vibration high

You may think your job is doctor or clerk or mechanic. But what if your job is to keep your vibration up?

I have the best job in the world.
I do!
And I love it.

My job? It's to keep my vibration high, and be happy as I can be, so I can hold that vibration for thousands of you until you can hold it yourself.

Know what? That's your job too, but you may not think about it like that. You may not be mindful of it 24 hours a day like I am.  I even work with all of you in dreamtime.* (More on this after the video.) It's rarely out of my consciousness, so I'm fortunate.

But maybe you don't think of this as your job.
Think again.

Once you realize this is THE most important job of your life, you will be happier and shine brighter.

Watch this video--it'll shift your thinking--and that's everything.
You'll like the shift.

I wake up each morning having traveled far and wide in the Non-Physical, working and playing with those of you who are committed to doing your 10% with Divine Openings. Your 10% is compounded ten times, a hundred times by Grace, and I'm there for you 1000%.
Many of you are aware of this, some of you are not, but you notice the improvements in your life.
The energy is especially intense right now because we're in the 16 day energy ramp-up prior to the November 5 Day Retreat. I ramp it up for 16 days prior so the energy will not hit all at once when they arrive at the retreat. Many of you who have been to the retreats feel an extra hit of energy at this time.
This morning as I came back into ordinary consciousness I emerged from the depths with chilly decompression vapors all around me, and someone unzipped my outer "suit," then I could un-clip from the "vehicle." It felt really good, exciting, satisfying.

I Love You!

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