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What Happened To The Healing Circle?

You might think that when you reach that magic stage I live in, that everything you do comes out perfect the first time. Not always true. There is still a process of trial and error involved. That's what we're here in this physical plane doing in our human capacity ...... creating, testing, trying things, learning, evolving..... playing with the physical and non-physical tools and materials..... building, tearing down, and building again. The Divine doesn't even have all of eternity figured out on the physical level. It's an evolution, literally on all levels. We're out here moving it forward! It's a co-creation, us and God improving, exploring, adventuring.

While most things I launch work the very first time, some require adjusting, and some just don't work that great at all.

We tried having a healing circle for awhile. Sounds like a good idea, aye? People would send us their healing requests, and we Divine Openings Givers had a phone call a week for "healing."

But it didn't work as well as when we were just sitting back and letting it be done through the Divine Openings work, the books, and the courses! We did hear some amazing reports, but overall it wasn't as effective as the normal everyday reports we hear from people who are just reading the book and doing the Divine Openings courses. That got my attention. Something wasn't in alignment, but we carried on for a while to feel it through, til clarity came.

At first we were puzzled. Then we realized what was going on. In trying to do a traditional thing that others were doing, we had drifted from the pure essence of what we do best: empowering people to go direct to The Divine, and us staying out of it as much as we can!!! I thank Divine Openings Giver Zina Canton of New Jersey for clarifying this with me on a Givers phone conference.

Things go great in our absence!

Yes, we open doors. Yes, those blessings of Grace flow powerfully through us. But we are here to show you how powerful YOU ARE, not to "save you". We are here to show you the rod and reel and how to use it, and the best places to fish. We're here to teach you to fish better and better, not to give you fish forever.

So we now suggest that if you or someone you love needs physical healing, use the book, the courses, and the tools we offer here. If it's someone else that you want to help, offer the website or gift the book to them, let go, and let them decide. If they reject your offer, love them. That's your job.

If you find it's a big blind spot or stuck spot for you, take the next step: schedule a healing session with one of the Givers in the Givers Directory who specializes in healing.

Your donations are still accepted to support this work. It is a good practice on many levels to give to sources of inspiration and upliftment in your life. We thank that select few of you who did donate. We know many of you had big shifts. That process is underway, and will continue for you.
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The new Level 2 Online Self-Paced Course goes into more depth on physical wellbeing, and how to restore yourself to it. The new art, particularly the hawk, has very potent physical wellbeing energy in it. Jumping the Matrix goes even deeper into physical self healing.

Group Divine Openings conference calls let you soak up Grace, align with The Divine so you can let it do the heavy lifting, and get back into the flow of physical wellbeing.

Love from all of us,


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