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We don't DO co-miserating here! Sympathy is NOT helpful, find out why

We don't DO co-miserating here!

(This blog will be preaching to the choir for many of you, and if that's you, celebrate how far you've come!)

I just realized I spent all day with a friend recently laughing our heads off and having a wonderful time riding our horses, and never once mentioned a serious challenge I was moving through (and moved through just fine by the next day!) 

I created the challenge by being momentarily out of alignment. We're human, we do that (knowingly or unknowingly) and we evolve and expand if we use the contrast. But my job is to get back in alignment with my Large Self so I can evolve, expand, and create something else. No one can do that for me.

No one else praying, thinking good thoughts, or holding energy for me can change MY vibration, just like someone thinking bad things about you can't damage your vibration, fortunately. We tell ourselves venting helps, but it doesn't, it's just a societal habit, and the more sensitive you become to your instrument panel, the clearer this gets.

To dramatize this humorously: Look at your friend with a BIG GOOFY smile, like the one I have at left, and say, "I have this big stinky bucket o' poop, and I want to share it with YOU!" What's called "sharing" or "getting support" is often actually more like this.

In other words, "I feel bad and I'd like you to feel bad with me although there's nothing you can do about it." 

Vibrationally it boils down to us not keeping our own counsel, and not going within with important things, but spraying them about.

Asking others to pray for us or hold good energy for us is from the old paradigm. It's not bad, and it's better than the paradigm before that, but it's not the new, powerful, high-level paradigm we live in now. Now we claim our power to create (for better or for worse) and re-create. Asking others to hold energy for us, and (sorry) even to pray for us, is giving massive power away to other people. The best thing that comes of it is if our own BELIEF in a solution increases because we BELIEVE they have that power. But see how that is giving power away?

And it conveys a huge misunderstanding about The Presence. You see, The Presence is not holding anything back from us. No prayers are needed to persuade The Presence to give us. We need to line up with our own desire that The Presence has already granted!

My only prayer ever is: "I know it's done.
Help ME get out of the way!"

In the past I've asked two Divine Openings Givers to stop representing Divine Openings because they were allowing their clients to pay them to "hold energy or intention." That makes the client dependent on them, teaches the client to give away power to others, and doesn't teach the client that the client HAS that power, or how to be responsible for their own vibration. (This is also another reason we now require much more rigorous training to use the title Divine Openings Guide, or Divine Openings anything. The old Divine Openings Giver distinction is phased out.)

That old Francis Scovill Shinn paradigm of having a practioner do that for you was okay 80 years ago, but this is the new paradigm where you claim your own power. And you're always glad you did. And when you need a practitioner to routinely fix your energy for you, what is going on?

Modality mixing also gets people confused because they jumble up all those old paradigm practices and myths and contradictory information, and that dilutes the simple, pure, internal guidance and experience they could be having.

Practical suggestions:

Feel the vibration. How do you feel as you talk? Most people have overriden their Instrument Panel for so long and ignored bad feelings while venting, commiserating, gossiping, and bashing that they no longer pay any attention to those feelings. But DO!

  1. As you speak about it, does your vibration go up or down?
  2. Does theirs go up or down?
  3. Does everyone feel better or worse?
  4. Is the focus on the solution, or on getting validation that you are right, or have been wronged?
  5. Is the thought tornado growing or diminishing?
  6. Is the talk a distraction from you going within, getting out of the way, and letting The Divine do the heavy lifting?
  7. Are you asking to be propped up by another person rather than going to your Large Self?
  8. Talk to no one about it except to lay it down to The Presence. This is called "keeping your own counsel."
  9. Do whatever it takes to distract yourself from thinking about the problem. Physical distractions work best.
  10. Diving in may be too hard if you can't drop the story YET. You will soon, just intend to.

Here are three 2 to 5 minute videos about it, with more helful how to's:

Thought tornadoes. Once the tornado is big, thinking or meditating your way out of it is difficult. What to do.

We don't DO co-misery here. More what to do's.

Let me share my stinky bucket o' poo with YOU!

Asking for help with a solution is very different than "talking about a problem." Talking about the problem for longer that you absolutely must spins the tornado, collects more energy and manifestations like it, and adds to the problem.

Getting a session or taking a retreat to sit in the powerful field of resonance with a master is helpful in entraining your vibration to that higher frequency, but if you relied on that all the time and didn't learn to do it yourself you'd be giving your power away.

Much love,

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