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Waterfalls and Rainbows

Enjoy these photos from the Canada trip! Later there'll be videos of it all in the Online Course.

You have to scroll down. If I put the big photos up here, they'll blot out the next

blog post.

Keep going ......

Keep going .......

Niagara Falls with rainbow!

Just soak up the abundant generosity of that flow....

Ever feel like rainbows follow you around?

I noticed for the first time that, as you look at it, you are always in the CENTER of any rainbow.

Now this is the way to do the spiritual path!

During the 2 Day Intensive,
and the 5 Day Silent Intensive, we spent a lot of time in and around Jo-Anne's beautiful pool.

What a metaphor for Diving In, eh?

The food Jo-Anne made was so beautiful I kept taking pictures of it.

Participant Janis under the waterfall.

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