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Watch Where You Point That Thing - experiencing Lola's powerful book in my life

"Watch Where You Point That Thing!" - Experiencing the teachings from Lola's brilliant book in my every day life 

by Gabriele 

First of all I want to rave about how I am at the moment proof-reading the translation of Lola's powerful Watch Where You Point That Thing into German and soon, very soon, our wonderful German readers will be able to hold it in their hands, whoohooooooo!

I am super excited about this and keep raving whenever I can, because a, it feels good and because, well you know how powerful raving is :)

In this article I want to share some of my current experiences of how accurate this title by Lola really is. Our attention and intentions are truly like a laser pointer and incredibly powerful. You will learn a lot more about this in our next webinar with Lola recently, where I will had the priviledge of being guest speaker and you can be sure, Lola has a lot of other yummy treats in store for you.

optimale Balance und Kraft für deine Absichten mit Divine Openings

A little of it, I wanted to share here already: a few weeks ago I had set the intention to bring more balance into my every day rhythm. I then focused on a few healthy habits only that were important to me and forgot about the whole balance thing mostly. When I looked back recently I realized: "Wow, the balance I wanted is already here! Not only that, it feels completely normal already. How cool is that?"

Seeing that, I now set the intention to level up my joy even more and ta-daaaaaah, all of a sudden I manage things I wouldn't have expected, someone sends me spontaneously a big beautiful bunch of flowers, things go great at home... it started unfolding so quickly it made my head spin. And I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Sometimes though, I notice how "ooops my attention has wandered off" and I had to rethink, what is truly important to me. For instance I am training in pole dance since well over a year now (a combination of dance and acrobatics that comes in all kinds of styles, from sensual to fitness to circus acrobatics) and have grown a love for building strength and moving my body more controlled and gracefully. Even though I am still in the beginner's category of the sport and can do none of the magical things the pros do (isn't it just so beautiful to watch the masters, like Lola?) I have learned enough already to have fun now and whirl around, which feels like flying. So now I developed a taste for MORE  :)

So I started looking into fitness and strength more in general, doing bodyweight workouts with the classic push-ups, pull-ups (I can do a half one now, lol) and so on. I found more and more brilliant material about strength training and started pondering getting into heavy weight lifting even. There is so much great stuff out there and I realized again the marvellous diversity of experiences possible we have created for ourselves on this beautiful planet. BUT I got to the point, where I spent more time researching other things and my pole training started to get left behind. While it all had started out as a means to improve this very pole training!

Counter Intentions, Lola calls it, and there are many great chapters in her book on how to discover them and use them to your advantage instead!! 

Long story short: that, too, is a valuable experience as it made me get clear anew on the following

  • What is important to me?
  • Why am I doing it/do I want to do it? What do I hope to gain from it?
  • Is this thing the best addition for this? or
  • How can I tailor it to be the most helpful for what I want?
  • What would I like to spend time on, that would be helpful/supportive here?

In my case I noticed: sure, if I research strength training I will find many enthusiastic voices raving about weight lifting, bodyweight workouts, stronglifts, etc... and it will be easy to let myself be infected by their enthusiasm for this.

If I want to improve my acrobatic skills on the pole however, the direct path will be to research articles and videos by pole dancers and hop onto their vibrational wave rather...

Granted there is a lot less literature to be found on pole dancing, especially if you're looking for professional advice (which is why it is so easy to get distracted into other things), but inspiration hides in many places and wooosh I already found great advice on bodyweight workouts directly on the pole, training exactly the muscles I want to train. 

I focused on my primary intention, spent time with according material and immediately my energy was back where I wanted it to be.

So if you want to expand an area of your life, an ability or whatever, play around with the questions on top (or find your own), be picky what you spend your time and focus with and check if your intentions and focus are pulling together in the same direction. If not, which intention is the most important to you? It might also be that two seemingly contradicting intentions can be united in an unexpected third way - for this your Larger Self will be the best address to go to.

Have FUN playing with this and with aiming ever more consciously, because in the end it is not all about the bass, but the fun :)

Much Love and Joy!

PS: I just noticed that both pictures show an upside down position, interesting. Looking at things upside down, can indeed give you a whole new perspective. The good news is, you don't need to physically stand on your head to do that.

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