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Watch Where You Point That Thing

It is so exciting. I have a CD of original music I can hold in my hand. And it ain't going to be the last....

We ordered physical CD's of Watch Where You Point That Thing - our incredibly rockin', movin', shakin'.... then deepening into quiet soothing depths of Presence original music collection.  Here's the unifying thread about the retreat and the music:in the new paradigm, enlightenment is not an oh-so-serious process done with no smiling. It's increasingly happening by play, dance, song, laughter, and joy.

Our regular readers have let go of the over-seriousness of the spiritual path, and of life itself, and have jumped on the joy wagon to awakening... and we invite all to lighten, laugh more, dance more, and let in all the Grace and good you can by doing that.

Let go of your old stereotypes of what spiritual is
. I am deliberately, by choice, NOT your old paradigm teacher! I couldn't follow those tired old traditions - that's old energy.... and how boring all that hard work and seriousness is!

Crystal is setting it up tonight where you can get the physical CD mailed to you. Watch for it!

(You can still order the download and pay no shipping.)


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Let your intentions be as light as the touch of a gnat's wing; not working on something or trying to fix, change, heal, clear, create or manifest something (all that is work, and adds resistance.)
Lola Jones