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Divine Openings™ Teaches Us To Watch Where We Point That Thing and Master Power of Intention

Not only does it feel good to focus only what is good in others and speak only well of them, but it has tangible practical life results: increased flow of Grace and good to us.
Integrity pays it's own dividends.

An enlightened person always feels a downward drop in vibration when saying negative things about anyone. They're down there in that negative story, separated from The Presence.

Enlightened listeners will always politely excuse themselves from such conversation, recognizing that negative stories reveal far more about the talker than the one being talked about.

And if I wasn't there, I cannot ever know the true facts. More important, it's not my business anyway!

Listening to negativity is gossip as well.

Divine Openings breaks open big, deep, resisted feelings, and sometimes even years into it, people can hit a big unbearably painful spot. Can they be responsible for their vibration, own it, and take it within, and get only good out of it? Or do they project on someone else and miss claiming the treasure?

Watch where you point that thing.

Lola wrote a book by that title about power of intention.

At Divine Openings and in our personal lives no matter what anyone says (and people will have stories,) we have only positive to say about them. It's not about karma, The Presence doesn't judge. It's about wisely choosing the vibration we want to live in.

All upsets in our lives should be dived into and given over to The Presence first. Then in that higher vibration, if there's anything left to clear up with the person, it is said TO them, not to others, with respect and kindness. Maybe we even agree to disagree, but it's high vibration and love and peace is the outcome.

Marion Poole, a Divine Openings Giver who is an embodiment of Divine Openings and Grace
in Bristol, England wrote this response to this blog:

Love flows and flows and flows and flows out through me.
On and on and on and on, out into Eternity.

Love is like a boomerang, ........... Wheee..............
And when it completes its journey, it returns back to me!
It seems whatever flows from you, must come back to you.....
So intend to flow 'the loving stuff', do, please do.
You know....  love, peace, joy, appreciation.......... flow it out into Eternity.
And when it returns its cycle you'll get 'a kiss of bliss', you'll see!
Marion January 2013



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When you can steadily 'hold your own reality' until outer reality lines up with it (even when outer reality and everyone around you disagrees with you) you've Jumped The Matrix.
Lola Jones