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It’s Voodoo I Tell Ya! A New Key

Spiritual teacher Lola Jonesby Lola Jones
Two giant red tail hawks circle overhead, the essence of effortlessness. I'm soaring with them, and I think of all of you who soar, and those who are still gaining altitude.
On your Divine Openings journey, you lift off. Struggle and suffering recedes into the distance below. You rise steadily up, up, and up. You soar higher, into more and more high-altitude ease each year. 
When you encounter turbulence, you check your Instrument Panel, and use one of the groundbreaking processes like Diving In, or Tipping the Nose Up. You check your Map to see if you’re actually pointed where you want to go, and you correct your course.
We all know about how “our stories” shape our reality, and how freeing it is to drop the story and feel the feeling (Diving In.)  
Those processes have changed our lives.
But we've all experienced certain tensions, discomfort, recurring emotions, anxieties, unworthiness, or doubt that keep coming back… certain life themes that haven’t yet permanently shifted, even after repeatedly Diving In, or Tipping the Nose Up. 
Here's the Key for those situations:
We’ll call it "Bust that Story"
or "The Invisible Story You Need to See."
Here’s the essence of this Key: If the feelings keep coming back, or if the same kind of unwanted events recur, you haven’t really dropped the story yet.
You need to Bust that Story.
But.... how? You may not even be able to SEE the story. 
It may be in a blind spot.
You may have lived it so long it's invisible, like the nose on your face.
Here’s the Key to unlock it:
You ask yourself, “What story would I have to be running to keep having this feeling or this type of incident in my life?”
For example, if something hasn't yet transformed: you still fear speaking to groups, are sad about relationship or a loss, feel fear or hopelessness about money, or lack confidence about your career..... whatever it is for you…. guess what? 
There’s a story generating those feelings. When the story stops generating them, they simply will not be there. Just like when you cut the electricity, the fan stops turning.
Say, for example, you keep getting your heart broken, not getting the job you want, or losing money ….. it's to show you the story is there. The story plays out as repeating events in your life, or things NOT happening that you want!
The Key question another way: What is the story you must be telling yourself way back there in the background, where you can’t exactly hear it, but it’s vibrating you? 
Soften and ease up on yourself, let Grace do 90%, and this will work better.
It’s not your FAULT. 
You “bought" this story from someone in the past, or you made it up mistakenly. Your whole family may have passed this story down the generations. 
It’s so embedded in you that it vibrates in your core, but you weren’t aware it was there….. until now.
Bust that Story, your relief will be sweet, and it will last…. and ahhhhhh it's so delicious! "Aha! I see you, old story. You’re not real, you’re not my Large Self speaking. You’re just a story!"
So now the order of awareness/action is:
  • Tip the nose up. If you keep dipping...
  • Dive In. If the feeling comes back...
  • Bust the hidden story. End of story. End of suffering.
Some people need to be guided through it.
Experience is more powerful than reading or thinking.
Camille, a Divine Openings student for a decade, has a fabulous job, but wanted more freedom and free time. She had me laughing out loud when she wrote me a few days after we spoke: "It’s voodoo I tell ya! I’m in an alternate reality at work....”

That's so Divine Openings. I laughed so much I titled this article with it.

It is quite an exciting and magical time.
Life is supposed to be this much fun.
And it is when you allow it to be, and do your small part.

With Love, Ease, and Grace,
Lola Jones

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"This is the new normal." 

Below, enjoy snippets of emails between the recent retreaters who are now supporting each other in "Bliss Maintenance!" This group is from all over the U.S., Canada, Scotland, UK, and Germany...

"I really appreciate hearing the difference between what works in Divine Openings and what hasn’t worked with other modalities you've done, Donna -- it helps me get the word to people who have been “around the block” with other spiritual teachers. It’s so exciting that you are in the Guide program!  Between that and immersing yourself in webinars and courses you are going to get so much out of it.  

Jenny, So well said about how stopping resisting ‘not feeling bliss’ leads to feeling bliss.  
When you hold on to yourself, it’s amazing how those around you will then have no choice but to look at themselves.
I’m working on taxes today and connecting with all of you has literally gotten me to bliss.  Vibration truly has nothing to do with what is going on outside of us!  
This is truly a special group.  Love you all!"  Beth
"...eased back into life with much grace present. Was blessed with minor contrast at work that I just allowed to be, and am aware this ease is absolutely the “new normal.”   Oh yes, the Bliss Maintenance piece is so important and I’m so thrilled Lola gave us that long ago. Having been through various other silent and other retreats in the past, back then, I would be in flow for a while after but then gradually ended up feeling lost and in “self-judgment” about “what’s wrong with me, can’t hold this?”   I somehow always believed I would be on “automatic pilot” and just be in bliss constantly without doing a thing.  NOT!  LOL We do have to do our 10%!  I did not have many of the tools LoLola Jones spiritual retreatsla teaches and am so in a more prepared place now …much more grounded. And am so delighted with it all. And absolutely appreciative and raving about it all.  YES!!!!!
Spoke with Melinda on Monday and am officially in the Guide certification program so my focus will be deeply there, keeping me expanding. Also registered for Lola’s Feb webinars, I find if I keep myself immersed, everything is just easier. So with all of that and working full time, and editing my novel etc etc…creation is wildly rampant.  J (And keeping me out of “trouble” ROFLLLOL)"  Donna
"Hi you wonderful party people! So fantastic to read you all and thanks for sharing all your "coming back home to the new normal" stories! You know, this was my fourth retreat in a row, but I missed exactly this after all these other retreats: Building a community, sharing thoughts and feelings with all the other participants of the retreat and especially the coming back to your "new normal" lives makes it so precious. It´s so interesting to hear how it was for all others to go back to daily life again, but with new baby fresh eyes.
Well, baby fresh eyes not for me.... at least when I was right back. After a very long ride back to good old Germany, the very first moment, when I got out of the airplane was: "Damn, is it cold here!! I wanna go back immediately". I miss you guys. I miss Lola and her amazing retreat wonderland. I miss the beach. Then on Thursday came the break through. Suddenly it all got clear to me and I asked myself the EQ: What if I could say YES to everything now? And it was easy to do in an instant!! What a relief!!! Saying YES to everything. You know, accept and allow is definitely key for me and there is really nothing more to do to change your reality than this! So simple, but such a huge life changer! So easy to do that my monkey mind is freaking out over this and is trying to fool me. But I´m saying YES to this as well!!"
"I returned to Seattle on an even keel -- with inner joy and equanimity. On Monday morning, I started a class about designing both a product's usability and the pleasure consumers will derive from using it. Very exciting and paid for by my layoff! My husband, Brian, has changed. He seems less volatile emotionally and is "on hold" until I get this class done and get employed again. Thank you Divine Presence. 
Much love and welcome to the next phase of happiness!"
"Thank you Jenny for getting this email thread started. I am still buzzing from the blissful retreat. I can feel the resonance of a finer airwave. This is the first time I’ve returned home from a retreat and found myself witnessing contrast rather than diving head on into it. I knew it would be there and it always will be, I simply flowed softly around it. Contrast was not going to interrupt my bliss! A lot of this contrast is nothing to do with me, and the ones which would normally push my buttons were surely bouncing off. 
I can feel the vibrational shift within my family and so appreciative that it’s much to do with my vibrational expansion from Divine Openings which continues to deepen and expand my awareness! To keep my retreat experience flowing, I am doing one non-habitual thing each day. 
I also recommend the Bliss Maintenance, there is so much there and like Beth, I have never appreciated it before. "Hugs and Love, Susie
"Re-entry was smoother than anticipated. Went back to work, but i found so much more ease. Things just worked out without much effort on my part: extra staff became available, people  rescheduled, meetings got cancelled, everything just flowed.
I witnessed myself flowing along, not getting hooked into any drama, trauma or gossip.
Then, suddenly, it was  my birthday. We took Friday and Monday off and are up here in Morro Bay. So serene and picturesque. Perfect place to go even deeper.
The only  thing missing is all of you. But i have Susie's lovely photos to look at and can feel the beautiful presence of each of u." Much love, Maryellen
"Can someone pinch me and tell me it wasn't all a dream :) I hope you have all eased back in to life gently. The word 're-entry' with the picture of a shuttle entering the earth's atmosphere kept coming into my mind as I embraced the wee bumps along with the smooth.... Snow in flip flops and jet lag being two of the highlights :)  I'd love to hear how you all are and what unfolds."
Sending so much love to you all, Jenny  xx

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