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Vision improvement method

Way back 15 years ago I took a vision training course that had me throw away my reading glasses that weekend. It was based on the a natural method devised by Dr. Bates in the 1930's. He was quite a pioneer. His methods are increasingly taught today, and while no one has surpassed his magic touch with clients, his successors are actually better at explaining how to do it on your own than he was. His books are fascinating and full of miracles, worth reading, but they don't tell you enough how-to's.

The method worked great and I didn't use reading glasses for years, but then I slipped back into poor eye habits and I had fallen back into the quick fix, the fast grab for the readers.

Recently in the 5 Day Retreat someone asked about improving their vision, and then I decided that I too wanted to no longer need the readers, especially since with all habits, dependence on them increases over time, and your vision actually gets worse.

Lo and behold two weeks later I ran across this book in Ojai: Read Without Glasses at any Age, by Esther Joy van der Werf, a woman who lives here in Ojai but trains people for better vision internationally! Her book is simpler, and she's refined the method considerably over what I did 15 years ago. The method is now easier.

Dr. Bates used to cure people in one session sometimes. Guess what his core premise was? Relax, and release resistance and efforting. Don't TRY to see better. Embrace the blur at first.

And check out this quote by Dr. Bates, who's guiding his practitioners from the Non-Physical now:

"Remember your successes (things seen perfectly);
forget your failures (things seen imperfectly);

patients who do this are cured quickly."
William H. Bates, M.D.

Sound familiar?
It's very compatible with Divine Openings, with direct application to vision.

My vision improved the first day while reading the book!

Wanted to share.

It's on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=read%20without%20glasses%20at%20any%20age%20esther%20van%20der%20wert

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