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Vipasanna, Buddhism's Suffering? Or Divine Openings' Ease and Grace

Be sure you see the video below so you hear it straight from others, not just from me.

I know some people will be unhappy about this blog. I respect all paths, and all people's right to choose, yet I want you to know there are many choices. Life is a big buffet of choices. There's never only one right way. There is an easier way and here's how I found it.

I spent 21 days in complete silence and solitude in 2006.

I didn't force myself to meditate for hours.

I didn't endure discomfort unless it just occurred. If pain occurred, I'd just be with it until it passed, but it didn't take long.

It wasn't work. It was mostly pleasure, and by the end of the 21 days it was pure, unadulterated bliss. And it lasted.

The aha's occurred and the Grace rained down.

Well... actually I saw how Grace had been raining on me all along, but my striving and trying had actually been preventing me from allowing much Grace in.

It happened for these people, without work, without suffering

The path I created after my revelatory 21 days of blissful silence, Divine Openings™, is easier than Buddhism, vipassana and paths that require suffering and fighting against human nature. The retreats I lead now bring awakening and deepening with ease and Grace -- no suffering.

My big quantum leap came from allowing in more Grace, not from trying.

And since that awakening we've expanded exponentially every year.... without trying. That's what Divine Openings does--it opens you.

That has happened for thousands of people in 150 countries, like those in the video. People like you.

Many paths say you have to suffer -- but you don't.

Vipassana says you must sit in meditation until it hurts -- but you don't.

There are many paths, and YOU get to choose.

Buddhism says you have to renounce the world and all desires -- but you don't.

They say it takes lifetimes to be enlightened -- but it doesn't.

Some say you have to learn endless lessons -- but you don't.

Suffering doesn't lead to enlightenment at all. That's a myth. It's a mystery that such ancient beliefs as karma and suffering are still hanging around. Humans have a tendency to value suffering, perhaps because it sounds noble, or because they feel unworthy?

Divine Openings is a path of ease and Grace. And fortunately it's not all about our own human effort.

Divine Openings literally opens you to Grace, then shows you how to stop struggling and get out of the way.

Then Grace can do 90% of the work for you.

Self-help is so hard. I and frustrated friends tried it for a long, long time.

I chose Grace help.

Of course you have to do your 10%, but it's only 10%. Do too much, and you're in the way!

And sure, it's important to stop doing things that block Grace, master your mind, and become more conscious; but after my aha I suddenly saw how working on myself, emotional processing, forced meditation, and all kinds of trying had been 25 years of futility! Hallelujah!

When we try to do it all ourselves -- to make awakening and deepening happen -- it doesn't happen -- it can't happen.

When you've been conditioned to believe the spiritual path is hard and long, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some people get really suspicious when I tell them it's not supposed to be hard. It goes against all the conditioning they've ever had.

Afraid it's too good to be true? I understand that. Twenty years ago I'd have had the same doubts -- I was working hard on myself like a good person should, dammit. I could not have let in an easy path.

Notice those suffering, striving people don't seem to ever get free? To justify never arriving, they say, "Oh, the path is long and hard."

They're serious, earnest, and well-meaning.

But not happy. Not free.

How many happy, lit up, enlightened people do you actually know? And how many decades-long seekers do you know?

Uh huh. You've noticed that, but probably thought, like everyone else, "That's just the long, hard spiritual path."

It doesn't have to be long or hard! Divine Openings™ is a comprehensive path of ease and Grace that works NOW.

Have you been seeking happiness, ease, freedom, and fulfillment?

Has life brought you here on purpose to end your struggle?

Your journey begins here

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Too often we want it to be complicated, but it is not. It is simple. Heaven, God, enlightenment is already inside of you. To experience that, stop striving, be still, let go to the simplicity, become as a little child.
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