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Venting Anger and Acting Out Emotions Doesn't Work

Why Venting Is a Bad Idea (#1, It Doesn't Work)

by Lola Jones

The main reason trying to get relief by venting, crying, getting it off your chest, telling them off, or expressing anger is a bad idea... is that it usually doesn't work.

Long term studies from Harvard, Vassar, UC San Diego and others have backed up what I've known spiritually and intuitively: that venting negativity was a bad idea. Divine Openings has never used venting to move emotion.

Studies show crying about a loss or a hurt rarely makes you feel better long term, but makes you feel worse. Catharsis and primal screaming therapy don't work. The more a sad event is focused upon and cried about, the more deeply it is burned into the person's neurology. The energy doesn't move.

As the current political trend so clearly shows, when people vent and act out feelings of hatred, rage, and anger freely, it does not diminish or relieve their anger, nor does it make them feel better--it actually increases hostility. Beating a pillow or bashing something with a bat simply makes it worse. Those who express anger the most have a higher rate of heart attacks.

On a few occasions I got angry at someone for a good cause, and it did get a positive result, but I could feel the rise in blood pressure and the toll it took on my heart and body. It felt like a hangover. It's not my favored method of getting results.

The main reason people run from negative emotions, medicate them, analyze them, and try to find ways around feeling them is that they can be so hard to shake--sometimes even lingering for a lifetime!

But clearly, we must move negative energy. Suppressing it isn't healthy. Divine Openings has always given us safe, effective, and permanent ways to move that energy without venting or acting it out.

With the consistent practice of Divine Openings, and after experiencing the enlightenment initiations in the book, the fluidity of your emotions increases. After Divine Openings, when you spontaneously and authentically cry, feel fear, or get angry, it doesn't last long. It's surprising at first, especially when emotions you've been stuck with for years suddenly and permanently move!  

When you use the Divine Openings Diving In process on negative emotions, low vibration energy moves up the Instrument Panel without talking, venting, or acting out, freeing up energy you can use.

With practice, you don't even need the process anymore--you just move emotions in real time, as you were so brilliantly designed to do.

It works.

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