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The Value of our Physical Human Selves (from Spiritual Non-Physical Perspective)

It's still only an energy, but I can already feel the next 5 Day Silent Retreat. It's something I can count on to always work, always be great, always be restorative - for me, and everyone there. I've led over 60 of them and changed thousands of lives, and it starts working on us all long before the event. 

It's the ultimate vacation--a vacation not only from the cares and responsibilities of daily life, but a rare chance to be our Largest Selves for extended periods of time. My husband says that when I lead them, it's a me that's beyond the ordinary daily life me. It's me "all the way out of the way." It's the ultimate experience of "things going great in my absence."

It's bliss.

So what is this expanded self we sometimes experience, and why aren't we that all of the time? As I've pondered this subject, discussed it with others, observed other teachers who tap into the beyond-human, and most of all, asked within, here's what's emerged: when we incarnate from the Infinite and Unlimited, we by definition, choose to narrow down and focus into a specific body and personality that becomes our canvas for that life. We get a set of qualities, talents, abilities, and even limitations we could each call our paint set.

The Infinite and Unlimited still has our back, but it isn't going to tell us what or how to paint. It will nudge us with new ideas and directions, but won't prevent us from making bad paintings or no paintings.

Once in this body, we're temporarily no longer infinite and unlimited like we are in the Non-Physical. We're no longer resistance-free and contrast-free. But the increased contrast of human life stimulates us to create and change, like the sand in an oyster stimulates the production of new and unique pearls. Evolution is stimulated in ways that would not otherwise happen if we were always resistance-free and unlimited.

There's a brilliant sort of teamwork going on: Let's say for example, I dream up a desire. My Non-Physical Largest Self, infinite, unlimited, and resistance-free, keeps the home frequency broadcasting strong and pure and never experiences any doubt. Now, I may doubt, wobble, and cast about in my human way, diluting the power and speed of my manifestation's arrival, but my Large Self never wavers. I'm so appreciative of this teamwork. Both sides of it are valuable.

Our Large Self calls us, helping us align our physical creations to home frequency. The more we are aligned towards that home frequency, the more inspired, unique, valuable, and brilliant our paintings are, and the faster they show up in the physical. Of course, our "paintings" can be organizations, inventions, products, children, books, houses, our bodies, communities, or anything at all.

The Non-Physical is not "superior," waiting for us "inferior humans" to get it right. The All That Is is expanding too--has to, change is the nature of Creation. Perfection is more of a religious concept, based on judgment of right and wrong; we could profitably dispense with it. Evolution isn't about some future perfection, it's about eternal expansion and creativity for expansion and creativity's sake. The Creator cannot stop creating or expanding.

Astronomers are always trying to figure out "why" space is expanding; it's expanding simply because all of creation is expanding. It could not be otherwise!

Stop everything for a moment.
Close your eyes.
Tune in and literally feel the universe expanding.

Allow yourself to expand with it.
Let it bring more space into your being.

Our human adventures and experiences are a most valued part of evolution. The Presence thrills in our adventures and misadventures, our joys and pains, our triumphs and dead ends. We are the pioneers, braving the new frontiers of physical life. We are celebrated, prioritized, and valued, not lamented as "those poor, imperfect creatures."

You could think of it like playing on a great team, but the team members are not actually separate entities--they're one. Your Non-Physical Unlimited Self is the coach who's not on the playing field, but always, without fail, holds the plan in mind, the vibration of what we want, from the sidelines--even when we, the players, are confused, sore, distracted by obstacles, or even fumbling.

Our Non-Physical Unlimited Self is our air traffic controller that always sees the big picture and offers guidance from that perspective. You're never alone, or actually lost.

It keeps the home fires burning steadily and comfortingly while we go out and play on the edge. (Is that enough metaphors for you? Different metaphors speak to different people, while others leave them cold, so I often offer several, like a buffet. I'm smiling.)

Hands releasing dove 0But your Non-Physical Self does far more than hold an intangible vision; it actually holds the finished product of your desire in it's Non-Physical hand, ready to deliver it to your physical hand as soon as you can let it in.

I'm smiling again. It's so simple, yet it can feel so frustrating to feel something just our of our vibrational reach.

I know. I experience it too.

Soothe yourself. Breathe. Relax.

I often find the most effective thing is to refocus and forget all about what you want, as best you can, for as long at a stretch as you can, and thus get out of the way.

This takes me full circle to the miracle of the 5 Day Silent Retreat. That's what we do--nothing--forget all about it all, don't work on it. And in a vortex of Grace, we enjoy a hundred pleasurable ways to be in a non-resistant state. Then things shift with no effort when we return home to our changed lives.

angels assist There is no right way to go, except forward. Like Columbus, we are valuable (regardless of our faults and failings) because we are expanding the universe, even if only in small, subtle ways. This becomes viscerally apparent when I think back to some year past, and it looks to me like an old black and white photo, and feels tissue paper thin when perceived from today's consciousness and today's vibration. It's not so much that it's "better"--it just feels more "expanded, richer, fresher" and simply "more NOW."

We talk about fresh energies in Divine Openings. It's hard to put your finger on it, but as with fresh vs stale food, you can just feel it and taste it; and we crave it, because we are, after all, made in the image of our Creator. We must expand, we must create or take in fresh energy, or we don't feel fully alive.

Most important to take from this article: your human perspectives and human experiences matter. You and your experiences are valuable. The energy, desire, and momentum we contribute fuels the universe.

Ah, now I'm all primed to go "be," and to expand along with the rest of the universe, as it natural, and enjoy that feeling of momentum, rocketing through space and time.

Love you all,

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