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Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a sure fire formula to have a great Valentine's Day

single or married!

  • Have no expectations whatsoever of anyone else. Expectations are just stories we made up about what should happen, or that we bought from someone or somewhere.
  • Expectations are the #1 source of disappointment. 
  • If your partner does anything nice for you, open wide to receive it. Whatever it is, appreciate it.
  • If not, be your own Valentine. He or she probably thinks you should know you're loved, or may feel it's just a fake holiday. Stay warm with them, and be happy--don't go cold. 
  • Have a love fest with your Large Self, chatting about how yummy and wonderful you are. 
  • Buy yourself flowers and a card and write what you'd like to hear. I once had a dozen white roses delivered to myself.
  • Love up on yourself. Scott is super great, but I still do this all the time.
  • Do something super sensual and pleasurable for yourself.

When you're feeling loved and "full" inside yourself, you attract more love from others, so don't take score if you're just learning. It increases with practice.

Enjoy being your own Valentine!

Love and Grace, Lola


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The mind strains to grasp, categorize, control, and understand. The Larger Intelligence within you KNOWS without words or concepts, and actions occur with ease in concert with the flow of Life.
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