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Update on Lola's travels

I always like to share with you what's been going on, so here's an update. Scroll down......

Been playing a lot, after quite a long, intense period of writing, creating, teaching, and being in front of this computer. My home has been blessed with a steady stream of visitors, and aromas of good food cooking have filled the air. Ranch chores that have piled up are getting done, with the help of some friends. Fruit trees needed attention.

Went to the beach at Port Aransas, Texas for a few days for a solo, somewhat silent retreat, just me and the doggies. I think they enjoyed the getaway as much as I did. The water was clear and beautiful, although too cold to swim in.

Took lots of photos and will share some here. Photography is one of my loves, and I hadn't done it in a while. Be on the lookout for a new meditation video I shot there. I just have to edit it and put music to it.

Here, Honey and Moon Pie are sporting matching bandannas and were pretty happy with me for bringing them along.

Dating has been warming up after taking many months to enjoy the solitude, freedom, and evolution that singledom allows. There are some wonderful, conscious men out there. And the clearer I get about what I desire next, the more they show up to match it. I'm taking my time this time. Life is good.

There have been some heavenly rides with cowgirl friends. This one was at a large ranch/park east of Austin. We galloped all over, then had my Martha Stewart gourmet picnic food.

Now I'm back to the computer, creating new goodies for all the courses, and my project list is a mile long. The next 5-Day Silent Intensive is coming up mid-April, Divine Openings Giver Debora McDermed is sponsoring a 5-Day at a beach resort in the Bay Area of California August 6-10. Both are registering now.

A UK Divine Openings lover is working on some 1-day courses in the UK for September. (The sponsors handle all this, and I just show up.) You'll see it listed on the Courses page as things develop.

Travel is revving up, though. Doing a metaphysical fair in Houston this weekend, going to Guatemala end of March, and doing a short Caribbean cruise at Easter.

Thank you all for updating me and letting me celebrate your good news with you.


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