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Time To Unite Our Purposes, Dancing In The New Administration!

When you make a decision about how you want YOUR world to be, you will get that world, whether the rest of the world decides to let that grace in, or not. All of it radiates from you and creates your world. But when enough of us decide to let it in, there is a collective effect. The world doesn't have to get there for you to create it. But of course we all want the world to come along! That's a big order, and it can steal your joy unless your center is rock solid. Waiting to get happy until the whole world looks happy puts your focus on unhappiness and lack. Now are you happy and prosperous? Focus on you first. Unity within you first. Then, by letting go of all past good reasons to withhold love, let unity flower within your family, then you'll begin to see it more in your immediate circles. If there is not unity in you, you cannot spread it out there.

Focus on you. Let unity flower in you. Then and only then are you a broadcast tower for unity.

Unity does not mean sameness. It doesn't mean sameness of idealogies, beliefs, desires, or even agreement on what is right and good. Sameness and absence of differences is rarely seen, except in cults and dictatorships. Unity is respecting differences, and honoring others right to their own choices.

To celebrate, I'm going to a "Green Inaugural Ball" tonight. Dancing in the new administration! It's a time for celebration!

Love, Lola

Louise V. sent this, and I want to share it with you:

INAUGURAL OPPORTUNITY for ONENESS ... Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday ...

"The intent of this invitation is to join together in sending love and support to Barack Obama next week, by uniting together as ONE.

To ask the divine to help provide the guidance and clarity for Barack to make the right decisions for these troubled times.

To provide him, his family and the new team with the health they will need to sustain the long hours, intense environment and pressure.

At the same time, this blessing is about uniting America and the world, working towards a common goal, a common vision, regardless of background, race, or economic status … to truly come together as nation and as a global community. Our love, our support, our energy combined is what's needed at this time.

This election is not about Barack – it's about all of us – as, we are one. This is our time to change, our time to shift. Let us have our "voices" heard and support Barack and each other today and let this blessing symbolize our love and dedication for the kind of America, the kind of world, the kind of future ... we envision and will work towards."

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