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Website rebuild finally complete Dec 6th! And a fun psychic prediction for you

Wow, I just revisited this blog and realized we're JUST NOW FINISHING this complete website rebuild that was begun in March 2014, was supposed to be done in April, then it was moved back to June, but it actually took till December 6, 2014!!!

You've not heard a lot from us because we've been busy as Santa's elves, creating a brand new, state of the art website for you!

That's they physical side of manifestation.

The new energy is huge because of all the focus I've put on it. It's about all I've had time to do for the past nine months--I could have created a baby. Well, I'm 60 in January, so maybe not.

But it has been a labor of love, and you're going to love my new baby too.

Enjoy the new site, and get on the Forum if you're a member. It's fun.

I always have to add something funny:



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