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Teachers: Physical, and Non-Physical -- It's Gotta Work In Practical Life!

I've seen many, many people who could do marvelous feats of healing, teaching, psychic predicting, and even wild phenomenal mystical, magical feats I can't do .... but too often their own lives, and the lives of their students don't work very well.

Even the ability to communicate and get guidance from non-physical beings gives no immunity from the need to master the flow of emotions. Non-physical beings who've never inhabited a body can give you perfectly good advice and theories about mastering emotions, but they do not actually understand them, know how they actually feel, or fathom how sticky they can be.

That's where human teachers who have mastered emotions are invaluable. They've been there, done that. They're not even perfect, and that's the point. They can relate to you in human terms, and show you how to deal with emotions, raise your vibration, change your life, and at the same time show you that you don't have to be perfect, just do your best.

My favorite thing to say about "mistakes" lately is that you get "unlimited do-overs", just like when you were playing games as a child. It's only permanent if you believe it is.

My assistants at the recent event said they appreciated what they learned from their very powerful former teachers, but they'd had to move on because being powerful healers, helping others, having amazing visions, hearing Spirit speak to them were no longer "enough". They were tired of endless seeking, financial struggle, relationship and family strife, and not fully being able to bring their clients to fulfillment. They were ready for their lives to work.

They expressed how much they appreciate that Divine Openings has finally caused their lives to work. Their job is just to stick to it, stop seeking, let go, and get out of the way and let it work.

We were talking one night after the event was over. The assistants were saying, based on their vast experience with many teachers and healers they'd studied with and assisted, that spiritual power is not always synonymous with happiness, fulfillment, successful family relationships, and a balanced, healthy life in practical terms.

I don't know how many people I've met who had classic spontaneous "awakenings" to enlightenment, and reached ecstasy and oneness with everything, but then they had to go home and deal with their mother, spouse, or ex, and the enlightenment evaporated as they sunk in a mire of bafflingly unmanageable emotions. So many healers are broke, sick, and not having a very good time.

Spiritual development does not always result in emotional mastery, very often quite the contrary. Often spiritual paths actually help you avoid fully experiencing emotions, allowing you to sublimate, explain them away, meditate over them, around them, and go every which way but through them. There is an expectation that lower emotions will stop happening, that you can "get away from them", and that having them is spiritual failure.

That's what I call a spiritual bypass. Many very highly evolved spiritual people never learn how to truly and effectively deal with lower emotions, and those lingering lower vibrations become an invisible and mysterious barrier to full spiritual mastery, and a stumbling block to enlightenment. That glass ceiling is not a barrier with Divine Openings.


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