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Take Flight!

Lola Jones spiritual teacher divine openingHello Dear Ones,

After you enjoy the blog, plan to come back to the top and receive a Divine Opening from the picture above. If you've read the book, you know how (you need to read the book before receiving a Divine Opening, because things do happen!)

Big, blissful energy's building for the retreat in Europe next week--tune in!  I'm flying high in anticipation of ushering them into their shining new reality. Four brilliant new Certified Divine Openings Guides will be initiated to go off into the world to light others up.  

When I return we begin a three-month process of building a new, faster, updated website to serve you better--it launches in spring. These days a rebuild every four years is necessary just to keep up with technology, and it takes so long because of how galactically large and resource-filled our site has grown in twelve years (some of you humorously call it The Mothership.)  ;D

We've lovingly handed over the publishing of the German translation of Things Are Going Great In My Absence to Arkana Publishing, a German division of Random House. They wanted it a year ago, but the timing wasn't right. A few months later the editor attended a retreat in Germany and truly fell in love with Divine Openings, then sparked her whole team with her passion.

Now I feel truly ecstatic placing our precious, life-changing book in their hands.

Scott and I are enjoying every mundane to miraculous moment of energizing and improving our new home/retreat... not just for our enjoyment, but for yours too at the January California retreat. There's a short video below. The ponies can't wait to kiss you!


Lola Jones and all of us at Divine Openings

Live with Lola ~ Two Webinar Series
For Level 1 & 2: Take Flight
For Level 3 and up: Going Deeper

Lola Jones spiritual teacher on taking flightThe results from Lola's recent Live Interactive Webinars have been up there with the results people get from sessions, and especially with all the big projects going on, Lola is moving into more webinars and fewer sessions. Enrollment in each series is limited so everyone gets personal attention. 


Newer people who have only read or are just reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence, or are in Levels 1 and 2 Online may register for Take Flight, a series of four webinars to help you gain altitude and stabilize in the fundamentals of Divine Openings.


More experienced Divine Openings students who've taken a retreat or are in Levels 3 and 4 Online will be Going Deeper with Lola in four expansive live interactive webinars where we dive deeper into The Presence, discovering more of what is possible in infinity. 


Attend by phone or webinar. You get audio recordings if you miss one or want to listen again.

Learn more and register

What's the Address of Heaven...You'll Know after 5 Days Live with Lola

Lola Jones spiritual teacher on spiritual retreatsIt's the revolutionary antidote to endless seeking, processing, and working on yourself. Get happy and fulfilled now.



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Video of our new home and California retreat wonderland.

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Your senses interpret the physical world. In expanded consciousness that interpretation is quite different. You see that you are in Heaven right now.
Lola Jones