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Stop Resisting Your Ego!!! (Stop Resisting Anything.) Just Smile

Since the Oprah/Eckhart Tolle free online course,I've been hearing some people stressing about their egos. They'd been doing Divine Openings, cruising happily along, loving life, not even thinking about an ego, then as soon as they started focusing on it, and thinking about how bad it is, suddenly it's giving them problems.

Of course! Whenever you focus on something you don't want, it grows, and GROWS!

That's one of the reasons I urge people to stick to Divine Openings for one year and not complicate it with other stuff. It can pull them back into that "I have to seek and work on myself" paradigm again. The "there's something wrong with me that I need to fix, heal, change, clear, or cleanse" routine again. Then it's back to the treadmill Divine Openings got them off of.

I love Eckhart. He's fabulous. And for many, he is just what they need to hear right now. We need many teachers saying it many different ways. But you don't need to worry about your ego! Just keep doing Divine Openings, keep waking up, and stay awake!

For me, when I happen to hear a snippet of his stuff, I either find Divine Openings is already saying that, or I find that Divine Openings gives the actual entry through the doorway, rather than just giving you mental information about where the door is.

You know that I am not a big fan of continual seeking. For many, it's become an addiction, almost a vocation. I don't seek, read, or look for answers outside anymore. It's just boring to Michael and me, frankly. Living and loving is so much more interesting.

To keep seeking denies that you're on your way already, right now! Continuing to seek is like going backwards.

I love Divine Openings because it awakens you more by Divine Grace rather than having you work on yourself piece by piece by piece by your own efforts (which takes forever.) And working on yourself sets up the implicit belief that there is something wrong with you, and that tips the nose down, and your small self is then in control.... having you chase the next thing you need to fix about yourself instead of living!

You actually never hear me use the word ego. And here's why.

The very word "ego" has come to have a negative connotation. People make it wrong. Spiritual people try to get rid of it, and you can't! Once you're enlightened, it doesn't run you anymore, but it's still there! You need it. It contains your personality and your individuality.

It's never productive to resist anything, but you're really in trouble when you start resisting something that is a part of YOU! So when people get all worried about their ego, trouble ensues. In Divine Openings we don't resist any part of you, no matter how primitive, dark, unenlightened, or small it is. When you resist it, it has pulled you into a battle with it.

LOVE your ego rather than fighting with it or making it wrong.

I don't even like the word ego. Ego has too many psychological trappings. And yet people still don't really know what it is.

I like the term "small self." Here's why.

I try to use words that don't carry decades of baggage, so you can hear it fresh.

Small self is not bad, it's just more limited than your Large Self. Small self is just a small part of the whole. Large Self is the whole. Small self sees only part of reality, Large Self knows all. Small self thinks it's separate, Large Self is the whole collective on some level.

When people stick with Divine Openings, they don't have to worry about their ego. It transforms over time.

But what do you do when the small self does try to grab the steering wheel?

Reader Pamela Russell had a great insight. She sent me one of those wonderful emails we get several times a day telling me what's happened for her since she's been reading the book and receiving Divine Openings from it. Then she shared the most delightful idea!

She says, "Something that helped me, as far as "tipping the nose up" is that every time I started to feel myself sliding backwards, I would smile. Whether it was an outward smile or just an inside smile... I smiled. Whenever there was a hint of me going someplace I knew was my small self.... I smiled. It works great."

That is the essence of non-resistance. You don't get all worried or serious about it. You don't try to fix or change it. You don't make it wrong, or even take it seriously. That would be playing right into the small self's game.

You just smile.

I've used this myself since I read the email. It's a blast. The nose of my plane tips up immediately, and when you're smiling, you're being your Large Self. Then there's no problem. Gone.

Thank you, Pamela, for that wise, witty, playful suggestion. It's the simplest and most joyful things that work, especially now that working on ourselves is OVER, thank God! And of course, once you've had Divine Openings, every little thing you do works easier, more powerfully, and with less efforting. Isn't it great that more and more often, your inner guidance is giving you these amazing insights, methods, suggestions, and "coaching"?

I hear this kind of feedback a lot. When people choose powerfully to keep their focus inside, and take everything to the Divine Presence within them, they commonly get such insights and answers to their needs.

Now, sometimes we all need an outside boost to help us see one of our blind spots, or bust through some stuck or resistant energy, but more and more you need only ask within, and you'll naturally get the answer you need.

Don't resist anything.

Embrace every feeling, every thought, every event.

Just smile.

Then you're free of it sooner.

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