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STOP Asking For What You Want!

OK, now I have your attention, but I'm about as serious as I ever get about stopping the incessant asking. Just today a relative told me she prays every day for her granddaughter to stop doing what she doesn't want her to do, and to start doing what she thinks she should do. She said she "hopes God answers her prayers." I had just called her to open some doors to how we might do Christmas in a way that fostered good feelings all around, so I treaded lightly on this subject. She obviously wanted agreement, not advice.

All I could do is take a deep breath, love her silently, and say, "Yes, I know it will all work itself out fine. Kids sometimes have to make their own mistakes," she sighed and said "Yes," and that was IT, change of subject.

I don't butt in and teach where I'm not invited, and my main aim is forging a relationship with this sister in law, who replaced a sister in law we all loved dearly, while working out holiday plans that work for everyone as well as possible.

As to prayer and asking for what is wanted, in the privacy of my own mind I was thinking, "God is not deaf, and hears us the first time, and actually granted what you need the moment it was felt, even before you asked. God is right now offering all kinds of solutions to her (which she apparently isn't hearing or feeling, bless her!), taking care of her granddaughter, and handling everything just fine -- if everyone will just get the hell out of the way and let it work out, even if it's NOT the way THEY think it MUST work out!"

I'd call the conversation a success because she said "I love you" at the end of the call. She is making an obvious attempt to connect with God right where she is NOW, and where else can she be but where she is now, and what business is it of mine anyway?

Too often, instead of getting out of the way, we keep asking over and over, like God is deaf, or has a bad memory, or is holding out on us, or waiting for us to earn it or learn some lessons. Or as one person said on a call recently, "Maybe God is just too busy." I straightened that one out immediately, because that woman called in on a group Divine Openings call and therefore had "asked" for my teaching. When people sign up or ask, that's permission for me to teach, and I never hold back.

It's never God holding it back, it's US!!!

So, really, think about it.

If you've asked once, you're done.
Stop it!

Each time you ask again, you're affirming your first request wasn't heard. You're affirming the process doesn't work. Jesus said, "Ask, knowing that it is given." End of story.

So what do you do after you ask?

  • You relax.
  • You savor the waiting.
  • You keep yourself uplifted and entertained in the meantime.
  • You keep your mind occupied with how great it will all work out, even if it's not how you thought.
  • You keep your mind busy with things that support your request, not because God requires you to keep visualizing it to "help" create it. It's already created the instant you asked. The visualizing is to keep you from contradicting your request, like you put the kids in front of a video so they won't tear up the house before company comes over.

Even if you keep repeatedly praying, "Thank you for it" as if it's already here, if your vibration is doubtful, and you're doing it to bribe God, you're assassinating your request. Remember Yogananda's saying: "You send angels to do your bidding, then you send out assassins to kill them."

Your best bet is to get happy and forget about it. Get out of the way. Loosen your grip on it, and be willing to let go of it altogether, trusting that something else may even be better for you.

In the vibration I inhabit now, I rarely ask for anything anymore. The Presence feels the first subtle whisper of a vibration as any desire is born in me, and grants it before I need ever put words to it.

You may need to write desires and needs down (just once) for a while, for clarity, until you develop a very focused power of intention. This is hard to describe until you've experienced it, but you'll know when you have it because you will begin to materialize desires very rapidly, and without any fanfare, and no discernable thought or effort.

You may also find it helpful to speak it very concisely and clearly to a couple of people, just so it stands out as special. But don't rattle off long lists or talk too much about it. Keep it powerful and simple. So many people babble constantly about so much STUFF all day long, that even their own mind doesn't know what is really serious, and what is just so much chatter. When you write it down, it does tell your mind "I really mean this one. This isn't just babble."

When one has an uncluttered and relatively empty mind, guidance is heard easily and early. It stands out sharply in the clear, empty space. This too can be cultivated with a little time and focus. It is not work, it is simple awakeness.

Once you are solidly in the flow of Grace, solutions are given long before the problem even arises. The person to fix it shows up before the thing breaks. The printer shows up before the art is ordered. The new friend shows up before the mutual interest we will share together is ignited.

The only reasons anyone could possibly think they need to keep asking are:

  • Their mind is so busy and noisy, or they babble, complain, worry, think about trivia, or obsess so much they can't hear the guidance that IS coming in.
  • They're resisting taking the guidance, or making the change of attitude, action, or vibration.
  • They want change without changing.
  • They'd rather be right than give up making someone wrong.
  • They're getting some cushy rewards from being a victim that they don't want to give up for the bigger rewards of being all-powerful, because that means taking responsibility for creating their reality.
  • They want it their way instead of the path of ease and Grace that's being offered.
  • They don't feel worthy to let it in, or let it be easy.
  • They have stopped flowing love to key loved ones, past or present (unresolved outages in relationship), so their pipes are shut down partially, so that all the Grace cannot flow fully. It doesn't matter what they person did, it's YOUR love flowing that keeps you in Grace. The book tells how to open this back up.
  • Contradictory intentions or beliefs are assassinating their best intentions.
  • Their energy is not flowing in that department.
  • They're letting mass consciousness dictate what is possible (making that their God), and all the while pleading with God to make it different. God won't take away your free will. You can't give all your power to the economy (make it more powerful to you than God) and let in money at the same time. You can't give all your power to disease and medical reality and let healing happen.

There may be others that your Large Self will show you if you need to know.

Just ask -- ONCE.


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