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Stairway To Heaven - Reports from the 5-Day Silent Intensive and Initiation

I hold in my hand a big stack of papers.During the 5-Day Silent Intensive that ended yesterday, each of the participants wrote me notes twice a day to let me know what they were experiencing. When they wrote of their inner terror, anger, doubt, or hopelessness, I did not try to fix it. I let them find the answers within, encouraging them to let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

Increasingly they began to write about bliss and freedom, which I share some of below. Laughter and tears all flowed in kaleidoscopic spendor, until the final day, when every single person was in jubilant celebration. It turned into a party, and some of the past initiates came to join in.

5 Day retreatI share with you some of the highlights. There is too much to include it all here:

Skincare company owner, nurse, medical doctor in the Phillipines, Catholic: "I could feel the energy when you touched the other people's heads." "Had funny conversations with The Divine." "In the initiation, I really felt The Divine within me, and the lady Mary put flowers on my head, then Lola gave me a flower! Michael guided me to reach the Stairway to Heaven, and I saw beautiful white light with an angel welcoming me."

Virginia: "The circuits are snap, crackle, poppin'." "Thank you thank you thank you." "Felt like the space shuttle ready for liftoff." "I climbed a tree by the pond, and tossed in sticks. I'd never seen the ripple effect from above and it was very enlightening. The laughter in the afternoon was wonderful." "Yippee Yahoo. Keep it simple, girl! Yours Truly, God"

Austin: "Last night's Divine Opening was powerful, but I found I needed to somehow tone it down because I felt I couldn't take it as powerfully as I felt it initially. I felt pretty immobile and just sat for a long time, and my hands got very hot. I'm still experiencing fear and guilt but The Divine is giving me insights about it.""The initiation experience was amazing... I was just enveloped in tears.... joy, feeling my pain healed. When your eyes met mine I felt I was looking at The Divine. Then I heard a voice say, "You are Divine too." Then I felt movement up my spine. Then I saw God and Goddess mingled together travelling up and down my spine. That was wild." "I can feel myself letting in more blessings in my life. Unworthiness is gone."

Singer from Houston: "Was visited by loved ones who have passed on." "I'm emptying out. I'm excited to take this gift to women in shelters and prisons. I think this unconditional love and Grace without the dogma, can be received without the fear and resistance. I'm floating on a cloud." "When you and Michael stood together before you began, I felt a wave of energy stronger than my own Divine Opening." "Elated. Bliss. Awe! Can't speak. Don't want to."

Our Canadian participant experienced a rebirth to life (her husband committed suicide 3 years ago.) "The spirit of my deceased husband came to me, swirled around me, and enveloped me with love and warmth during the Divine Opening from Michael. Lola's Divine Opening Hug shot love beams straight into my heart chakra, blasting it wide open." "The bulk of my neck pain is gone."

She wrote:
Spirals of color course through me
My sixth sense tinlges, my third eye sees
What a magnificent place to be
Moving out of the in between

I've lingered here far too long
Cradled by my misery
Fear and guildt kept me bound
What joy to finally see

I've only had to look inside
The power's always been mine
I simply ask and lay it down
At the feet of The Divine

My Larger Self now takes the wheel
I'm moving towards the light
I'm meant to live while I'm alive
The Divine had made it right

Later: "I was taken back to the time of Christ, in a square where women were kneeling and washing the feet of men in tan colored robes. It was pretty friggin' spectacular."

New Jersey: "I feel as though I am emptying out. Lots of colors when I close my eyes." "Last night I dreamt I was love and one with all, then my heart just burst and I felt real happiness, I would say bliss." Then, "The Divine Opening last night gave me fire scalp! I was awakened during sleep by my hands. They were so hot." "The initiation was glorious and beautiful. The Divine was holding and carrying me. My mom came again, and she was reaching for me, to dance with her like we used to do when we were kids. She said to me, "I will do for you in spirit what I did not do for you in life. Trust God, for he is always with you, beckoning you to dance and love your life. I am blown away. Totally awesome."

California, electrician: "The Divine Opening put me out. I kept falling asleep, then when I'd wake I felt like I was still dreaming." "The Divine Opening Hug last night brought out more laughter in me and the one this morning had me crying. It's great. I'm releasing emotions from all over."

Writer, small town in Texas: "When we got to the throat chakra I felt an 'otherworldly' energy. Very STRONG." "Lots of whirling energy. Tingling in crown chakra. A brief, sharp pain that passed quickly. Virbrated at different frequencies all day. Looking forward to the laying on of hands. People in my dreams encouraged me to go all the way with the Diving In process." "I felt my mother's hand lightly on my head." "The pure, sweet, healing, loving joy that overtook me when Lola gazed into my eyes, I cannot describe. By the fire, Lola's hug turned me into Divine jelly. I was so deeply affected, I could not sleep at all for buzzing. Thank you to Lola, Michael, Honey, Milk Dud, the horses, and the land." Then, "Yay! I am so happy! I am feeling more free, and am able to let in so much more of The Divine's love and blessings for me."

Denver: "Warmth moved up my spine, and it asked permission to go all through me. Where ever that energy went was ease and peace." "I never thought I could go so deep into the silence." " The horses that were shy before came to me." "My chronic headache and back pain is gone."

Consultant, Austin: "The amount of colors and strands of light everywhere were beyond words of beauty." "I became rooted like a tree and could not move for a long time. I am grounded now. I was used to flying around in the cosmos a lot and yet I knew that if I was going to fully get "on the playing field" I needed to get in my body." Later: "Love Love Love to you. The 5-day was indeed such a gem of a life expanding, enriching experience. Thank you. I need to get a bunch of books as everyone who I tell about the 5-day wants me to give them Divine Openings. Already have a couple scheduled." 

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