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Do I Have To Return To Real Life After The 5 Day Retreat?

People ask me what will happen when they go back to the Real World after the 5 Day.

My first response is always to laugh!

There is no Real World.

After the 5 Day Retreat you are super open to Grace and drenched in it.
Given that you have Free Will, the rest depends ENTIRELY on you. What the Real World consists of afterward is your choice and your creation--always was, always will be.

You can stay in Grace, go jump in a slime pit, keep one foot in Grace and stick the other in a slime pit, or anything in between.

Your choice. Free Will.

I suggest to people that they do not go back to the SAME Real World.
There are literally unlimited versions of Real Worlds you can play in.... and we won't even debate whether they're real or illusory. They feel real when you're living them!


  • The world of complaining and being a victim of it or them or yourself.
  • The world of powerlessness and getting the consolation prize of being the poor good victim.
  • The world of focusing outward on yesterday's physical manifestations and believing them to be unchangeable.
  • The world of seeking what you already are and never finding it.
  • The world of power and consciousness, where you know that what you're seeing today is only what you created yesterday, and that it can change in the wink of an eye when you change your vibration, which transforms your physical reality.
  • The world of inner focus, where you enjoy your life in every moment no matter how it looks out there, and then it can change.
  • The world of deep, deep Presence, where you relax into what is, and it moves with ease and Grace.
  • Living life!

I suggest you say goodbye to your old Real World, get out of the way, and let Grace take you to another.

How do you get out of the way? Don't throw roadblocks in front of yourself. Don't muck it up. Stay conscious of how you speak, conscious of how you create, deliberate in what you choose, look at, do, and who you do it with.

Grace has already lifted you, and it lifts you oh so high in the 5 Day Retreat, but if you choose to jump in the mud puddle, if you choose to nosedive by complaining, denying your power, letting your mind run you, working on yourself, and diluting this with New Age junk, Grace simply cannot help you as much, and will not violate your Free Will.

Begin to practice right now operating from possibility, not arguing for or justifying your limitations.

Say "I created that."

Refuse to buy into and engage with your mind when it offers limitations in what's possible for you, what vacations and breaks you can take, in what you can do for yourself, in how this and that is or has to be, and what you can't do, have, and be. Who says?

Being conscious is NOT WORK. It is simply being AWAKE and witnessing yourself.
It's actually FUN, and immeasurably empowering.

Sometimes people want to do all kinds of processes and complicated magical stuff so they'll never have to think or feel again and life is all lollipops and flowers, but it all comes down to staying conscious, folks.

I tell them when they get together with others later, be very mindful of the conversation. Most people let go and are very high, but sometimes a person's old habits try to grab them and they find themselves  unconsciously joining others in complaining or telling scary stories just to fit in. It's too costly, I tell them.

Old habits can die hard, but your new life depends on using your Free Will to make choices. Choose being conscious, and go with Grace. I suggest that people talk very little the day after the 5 Day, and if they all get together, sit around smiling and breathing a lot.

We've had people skip the day six social lunch and choose to stay in the silence because they can't bear to leave it to talk. That is great, although it is good to make connections, which can last for life and give you people who are on your wavelength to correspond with.

I suggest they avoid making it a support group, though, because that rapidly deteriorates into working on your stuff or seeking. Comaraderie is one thing, needing support is something you can move beyond. I will say that humans seem to need a LOT of validation from others, and when you let that go, you are FREE.

It's always a good idea to limit the small talk. I actually try not to engage in small talk unless it's to connect initially with someone I don't know. Right after the 5 Day, I can't even do small talk--at all.

If it's not interesting, uplifting, fun, or helpful to the other person, why even open my mouth? Every time I start to speak in life, I STOP, ponder what I'm about to say, and ask: is what I'm about to say uplifting, entertaining to them, interesting (really?), important, connective, funny, heart opening, productive or helpful?

If it's just babbling, I usually stay quiet. Babbling drains a lot of your power of intention off.

If it's only interesting or important to you, say it to The Presence. Take some weeks to say everything to The Presence instead of other people, and miracles happen..... and watch your power of intention grow.

People lean forward to hear what you have to say much more when there's less of it, coming from you as a wise, self-possessed person who isn't needy to be heard and doesn't care if anyone listens.

Just ask yourself as you talk with people, now and forever:

  • Am I talking about limitations?
  • Am I talking about things I don't want?
  • Am I talking about nothing?
  • Am I talking to avoid silence (PLEASE let the blessed Silence be!), to avoid feeling, or to avoid going within and talking to The Presence?
  • Am I talking about how tough things are with me, my family, my country, the economy, or the world?
  • Am I saying from old habit, "Well, you know how men are, or women are, or kids are, or the economy is?"
  • Am I complaining? (Even jokingly complaining is a vibration trasher.) This one is sneaky because EVERYONE DOES IT.
  • Am I looking for someone to share and validate my struggles rather than letting the struggles go or seeking coaching to let them go?

Very, very rarely I've even seen people avoid looking within themselves by complaining about me. I do not engage. I have let them go their way.

It's all your choice.

Happier choices:
Am I talking about what I want and how it just... might... be... possible?
Am I being uplifting and a joy to be with?
Am I making people feel good and laugh or are they putting up with me politely?
Is 95% of my speaking high vibration?
Do I dive into the low vibration within myself instead of "talking about it" which doesn't change it (although you might think it justifies it when others agree how wrong it is... a very poor consolation prize.)
Do I take my joys to others and my low vibrations to The Presence, or get Divine Openings coaching if I can't?
Am I looking for people to share and talk about and build my NEW reality with?

BIGGEST ONE: Am I taking my low feelings and vibrations within to The Presence rather than to other people (who can't change my vibration even one bit?)
My personal policy is to only speak to others about things that either entertain, uplift, connect, or move toward something productive, practical, fun, or positive. In the 5 Day, sessions, or anywhere, when I seem to be "just chatting or sharing or telling stories" it is never that. It is ALWAYS very conscious, and for a purpose. It's a habit.
If it's a low vibration, I take it inside. Commiseration and the old style of emotional venting and support is not only useless, it's destructive.
If you can't speak in a high vibration, try not to talk at all.
You certainly get to live that in the 5 Day.
After a while it just feels like being very powerful and self-sufficient. It's not like "talking to God" when you stop thinking of yourself as separate from God. There won't be such a distinction as "this is me, this is God."

After a while it just feels like being very powerful and self-sufficient. It's not like "talking to God" when you stop thinking of yourself as separate from God. There won't be such a distinction as this is me, this is God.

You have Free Will.

You will receive any evidence you go looking for, negative or positive in abundance.

The Presence says yes to you.


The August 5 Day Retreat In California

The August 2011 5 Day Retreat won't be at our home after all. The selection and purchase of the home in Ojai just may not be complete in time. I did find a Heavenly place to have it, in a quiet beach town south of Los Angeles that's super easy to get to. It's a block from the sea, with cool green trees to sit under, and miles of beach. Divine Openings under the full moon are just a bonus at this one. I wrote a blog today about never having to go back to the real world after the 5 Day. Learn all the details about the retreats that never end.

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