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Enlightenment is an ongoing experience that never ends, not a final destination. It is not a permanent achievement because you always have free will - it is a fluctuating state of being and your goal will be to "stay in the flow." 

The goal is not perfection although there is no end point! It's an ongoing evolution. You continue to expand along with the Universe. Many disagree about what enlightenment is. That's okay, you'll know that bliss when you feel it, and that's what's important. 

Those who are enlightened do not say, "I am enlightened."

Hello, I'm Lola Jones. I've helped people all over the world find not only spiritual enlightenment, but also a fulfilling life. It's no fun being enlightened if you can't pay your bills or find your way in this world. I don't believe that being here on earth is wrong, or that it's something you have to rise from. You came here on purpose to bring heaven to earth, and you can do it! 

What is important is that the heart is open to all (even your parents and ex-boyfriends, wink, wink), the mind is calm, you feel an intimate oneness with your Creator, and there is a deep inner peace. 

Enlightenment cannot be forced, but you can create the conditions for it. Silence is one of the most important conditions you need. Talking and reading are mental, and the mind can never lead you to enlightenment. No-mind is the beginning of enlightenment.

Since 2006, I have given more than 55 5-day silent retreats where I create the conditions in which enlightenment can happen. 

I asked for the kind of awakening that allowed me to continue to live in this world and live a normal life. I did not want to be detached. I am passionate about this life, and our Non-Physical counterparts are too. This physical world is the leading edge of creation. It's not inferior. It's not to be ascended out of!

You can say what kind of enlightenment you want.


In 2006, after many years of frustrating searching, I took 21 days to be completely still, not to speak and not to make eye contact with anyone. That was my awakening, and I wanted to make it easier for others to get there. Now I guide people to a great awakening in 5 days at the 5 Day Silent Retreat.  

At a certain point in their spiritual enlightenment and personal development with Divine Openings, some people can hit a heavy, heavy fatigue. The place where I observe this most often up close and personal is at the 5 Day Silent Retreats, although it can also start while reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

If you keep seeking, you say to the Universe, "I'm still lost - I'm not even close," and so you can't sustain the awakening. On about day two or three of the 5 Day Silent Retreat, many people experience a tired feeling as decades of stress, fatigue, and old patterns come to the surface en masse and begin to fall away. Bliss usually happens about day 4 or 5 when virtually everyone feels it. Uncontrollable laughter can bubble up from your true joyful self. It's really fun and contagious, and soon everyone catches it.

Enlightened people laugh easily and are cheerful. Truly enlightened people are almost childlike in their joy. People who are grumpy, over-serious and not having fun are not enlightened. 


I call it "the fatigue of the ages" when long-held density begins to become conscious. When you let go after decades of resisting your true inner blissful nature, suddenly you FEEL how exhausting it was to hold onto all that baggage!

We don't know how hard we've worked to hold things back, bury them, carry them, or compensate..... until we stop. That's the value of contrast: You don't know the cold unless you've felt the heat. You don't know the extent of the tension you're carrying until you relax. (Divine Openings shows you how contrast is always your friend.)

After so many years of suppressing old emotions, running from them, or "working" on them without overcoming them, many people walk around exhausted, thinking it's normal (everyone else is tired too, right?), and it's only when they start letting go and releasing the negativity in their energy field that they find their energy, vitality, zest for life, and joy returning.

After a big emotional release or emotional detox in the 5 Day Silent Retreat, you give in to the fatigue, be with what's happening with your body and emotions, and rest. This fatigue and roller coaster of emotions progress VERY quickly in my retreats. It can take a long time to do it alone, because many people unconsciously try to avoid the emotions and fatigue, and don't fully engage with them. 

Then you experience an effervescent, sparkling, almost limitless-feeling energy.


Without any guidance, many people cannot maintain the initial bliss and enlightened perspectives after an explosive enlightenment experience. Expert guides are helpful in any endeavor, and having a spiritual mentor is a blessing and an advantage. The conscious mind must be retrained to live in this world, with a wide-open energy field, even while the old mind tries to take control again.

One man joked that his enlightenment lasted until he visited his mother.

Divine Openings gives you a "practical" enlightenment that can withstand the challenges of the real world, including your mother! Most of us can't sit in a cave for years, and we don't need to. We'll guide you to literally reprogram your mind to give more energy and attention to enlightened thoughts, and give less energy to low vibration thoughts and memories. 

You probably know that you manifest more of what you give energy to.

As you read my book Things Are Going Great In My Absence and enjoy the profoundly powerful and pleasurable practices in my online Portals for self-study, you are gently and surely guided as you move through the stages. It's mostly pleasure after the first two stages.

When you take a 5 Day Silent Retreat, your journey is accelerated.

All you need to do is commit to your spiritual enlightenment and personal development to reach total freedom.


After the fatigue and detoxification comes a new kind of deep relaxation that will have you saying, "I have never felt this good before in my entire life!"

It is as if you are being carried by grace. The first breakthrough from resistance to letting go is usually the biggest and most dramatic-feeling, but more of them follow. It never ends.

You get used to deep relaxation and it soon feels normal. Then you reach the next level. Let's say you've relaxed about money and it feels like a fabulous new world as money flows easily to you for the first time. But there's more to come as you let go and relax in other areas.

You may one day hit a wall in your relationship with your partner and realize how much you've been suppressing your feelings about relationship (compounded by suppressed, unresolved feelings about relationships going back to your childhood). Intimacy is one of the most longed for and feared experiences of all. The defenses can be deep and tender. But that wall you hit is a golden opportunity for your spiritual enlightenment.

I guide you to move through these feelings and you recover even more tied up energy. You feel a whole new, higher level of relaxation and vitality afterwards.

Your daily life and feelings present you with exactly what you need to feel in order to unfold your spiritual enlightenment and release more energy. On this path you'll come to know just what to do! And you grow .... forever. 

You don't need to constantly look for things to fix and work on with Divine Openings. Enlightenment comes when you put yourself in the right frame of mind and allow yourself to relax into it.

You simply cannot struggle your way into enlightenment.
You can't suffer your way into joy.

We know, darling, we know! That old part of you that doesn't really want to change says, "Oh, I'll think about it. I don't have time. I can't afford things for me." But those are excuses to keep you stuck. Old habits can be incredibly strong, blind spots are stubborn, and defenses are incredibly hard to break.

Simply committed to your spiritual enlightenment and joy, and I'll guide you there with pleasurable practices.

If you need help breaking through, come to a 5 Day Silent Retreat  where I can personally help you energetically.

Miracles happen here.

Once you open up and get rolling, life is a series of new openings, new openings, and more new openings. It stops being hard and starts being fun and joyful.... sometimes even blissful.

Isn't evolution wonderful?


It's all her for you. Your Journey Begins Here.


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A fundamental shift from 'problem solver' to 'pure creator' occurs upon awakening. Instead of fixing what's wrong, or changing the world, you create from nothing.
Lola Jones