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Spiritual Enlightenment Happens in My Front Yard

Spiritual enlightenment happens in my front yard. Sometimes the reality of this hits me and I think what a remarkable thing it is.

I'll notice how much I take that for granted. Whatever we experience eventually becomes normal. It's up to us to keep raving about it and making it fresh again, re-appreciating it.

Sometimes I call it "my science fiction life." Other times I'm thinking "this is just a normal mundane life," although I love the mundane and I don't chase flashy experiences, so to me mundane is not a bad thing. I just mean I get used to it, it just seems normal.

Here, by the way, is my front yard, where we sometimes sit during the 5 Day Silent Retreats in Ojai, California. Slowing down to smell the roses here is not just a cliche--there are roses everywhere.

It's important to remember that after the first blush of your spiritual enlightenment, just as after the first blush of new love, your enlightenment goes deeper and deeper, but it may not have that "dramatic newness" anymore.

The contrast between where you were before Divine Openings and after your spiritual enlightenment is huge, it's dramatic, and you feel it more intensely than you'll feel the smaller elevations that keep coming after that.

  • There's an extreme difference when you rise from constant anxiety to fairly steady peace in your early spiritual awakening.
  • The contrast as you rise from peace to happiness is smaller.
  • The contrast in how you feel as you rise from happiness to bliss is yet smaller.
  • The contrast from bliss to ecstasy is even smaller.

Maturity is appreciating the smaller relative rises in vibration after your enlightenment has popped and you've gotten used to it--even taken it for granted. My friend Donna says, "I get juice just from walking across the floor."

Here are a couple of recent notes from participants of the 5 Day Silent Retreat in Cornwall. They are in that early high-contrast stage, but that group continues to rave to each other, and talk to The Presence, and they'll continue to maintain their high:

Lola. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I feel like I've been hit by a lightening bolt of pure feeling. I now realise not just at a mental level but deep in my core I create EVERYTHING.  As I lay in bed chatting and intending the presence showed me pictures of a house I used to draw when I was young......it is the EXACT house my mam and dad have been living in for the past ten years. (they built exactly what I had drawn years and years ago) right down to the windows, red door, chimney position, surrounding fence and the few behind the house. I am feeling feelings I've never experienced before. I AM an unlimited non physical being in a physical body!!!! :-) yipee. Tears of awe, joy and sheer amusement are flowing.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Lola. Since the Cornwall 5 day my life is indescribable.
Lots of love to you, Katie xxx

Hi everyone, I just Have to rave, rave, rave, rave. As I lay in bed last night the presence showed me a picture of a house I did when I was a child. It had a lovely red door, lots of windows, the fence was a specific way and the flowers along the drive surrounded by fields...tears overflowed as I realised for the first time in 10 years this is the house my mam and dad built years after I had drawn it!!!!!! EXACTLY as I had drawn it. wow, wow, wow how did I not SEE this before?? I create EVERYTHING! ! yippeee. I woke this morning feeling like an unlimited non physical being in a physical body and guess what....another miracle...my Canadian visa was waiting in my emails. I LOVE it all....even the waiting. rave rave rave what a beautiful day!! watch where Ye point that thing!! :-) Kate xxx

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