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How to Thaw Out Frozen, Numb Feelings

Numbness is repressed or frozen feeling, and it's as if time literally stands still in that little pocket of your life. It can feel like being stuck or slow in that area of your life. That energy needs to thaw and move to free up your life force.

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by Lola Jones

If you've been with Divine Openings very long, you know your Instrument Panel well, and you appreciate and can identify all your feelings. Someone asked where numbness fits on the Instrument Panel. The answer is "way down at the bottom." 

If you've been with us for awhile, you may have thawed it all out, or you might only find numbness still lurking in one department of your life (it's the one that's not working as well as the others.)

If you're new to us, the numbness can be widespread and may affect many areas of your life. It's not unusual to find isolated pockets of numbness years after Divine Openings has opened up all other areas of your life, because those feelings are walled off. Six years into Divine Openings I, Lola, thawed out a very important memory from my childhood that freed me up in ways I had not known I was limited! Another one came along two years later. I was having a great life all along, then it got better.

Numbness is a low vibration, but that's okay--relax--you'll thaw it out in good time.

That numbness once served you. Your primitive, reactive self shut down painful feelings you couldn't handle back then, "freezing them" somewhere in your body so you could function. But once you're ready and have the tools and the support--and now you do--it's best to thaw out all frozen feelings as soon as you can, get fully back in your body, and reclaim that power.

We see many people who've been on the spiritual path for decades who have frozen feelings about certain tender subjects, like relationship, money, or even God.

If you are not grounded in your body, and feeling fully, it's very difficult to manifest and create fully, no matter how much you know.

Some frightened animals freeze, but they quickly move that energy and resume normal activity. Humans can sometimes unwittingly hold that freeze for decades, and the price is high.

Suspect numbness if things happen, and you didn't feel the warning signals--you just didn't see it coming so you felt blindsided.

Suspect numbness if you feel like you're vibrating high enough to create something, but it's still not here even after a long time.

Suspect numbness if you're addicted to a substance--the substance helps keep you numb to protect you from the feeling, but it's not doing you any favors. It's time to thaw, so your spiritual unfolding can occur, and your desires can become reality!

Write in numbness at the bottom of your Instrument Panel, and lightly intend to become aware of and thaw out any remaining pockets of numbness--and get lighter and more free than ever before.

The 5 Portals of Awakening Online  are designed to keep you focused, entertained, and engaged while you take this joyful path step by step to freedom and stability.

But if you still can't feel or find the numbness, you may want help. Come to one of the free webinars that come with the Portals.

Or the new  Small Group Webinars  have already thawed many hidden frozen feelings, and created many breakthroughs for participants, at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. Plus you gain new friends as you share and laugh and raise your vibration together, in community, laughing and celebrating as you go.

You'll find yourself vibrating higher each call and living life more fully each week.

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