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The Spaces In Between

Marion Poole has been expressing some of her beautiful Divine Openings experiences in poetic language so touching and clear, I want to share some with you:

Hi Lola, Just wanted to share another experience with you.

I had been feeling really wonderful and lay in bed awake but very still, just being aware of my breathing, when I sensed a deep pull inside and felt a surge of what felt like electricity flood through me.
It seemed to go on for a minute or two, and part of me did ride with it, but part of me couldn't yet.

These words came a day or so later:

With every breath in, life flows
With every breath out, life goes
And at the point of let go and rest, before I take another breath, a 'nanosecond' at the best;
I sense an exquisite pull, into an empty space, a place of grace.
That sense of home and peace, resting in the deep, oh so sweet.
A place to be, until no more, when I return to grow some more
And as I breathe in again, life flows, and on and on the cycle goes.

With much love and appreciation,

Marion Poole - I have the e-book and the divine openings audios, which are fantastic. Thankyou
I keep telling my family 'I'm going to Texas' so am looking forward to seeing you at some point.

Note from Lola: There is never any hurry to "finish" your life, or your unfolding. Your Large Self plans for you to savor each bit, like a fine many course meal. When all of you cannot let it in at once, it is perfect. Just enjoy!

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