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A song my mom sent for my birthday!

I woke up having forgotten it WAS my birthday! I've gotten so many well wishes, that experiencing how good that feels, I dusted off my ancient birthday book, and am adding new birth dates to it so I can give that feeling to more people I know and love on their birthday. Has me in tears of joy.

Two people recorded quite original birthday songs for me so far and it's only morning!

Here's Mom's song. She hardly ever sings, and didn't sing to us when I was a child, that I remember,
but last time we were together we did sing in the car:

Mom sings me a birthday song--click here.

mom me med mtHere's Mom and me at Meditation Mount when she was here in Ojai for a week in December.
I love my mommy.

I blew out the candles on my birthday cake in the restaurant. I told them that due to high fire conditions here, not to put 61 candles for me, but they did it anyway. I wish they'd gotten a pic of all of us there at my favorite restaurant patio in Ojai.

Love you too,

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