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So many are asking what is going on, I'm posting it here!

Hello! It's exciting when the circle gets bigger,and yet it gets more challenging to keep up with all our new friends and answer your emails properly with all the details you're seeking ..... so always look here on the blog to see what's happening.

There's someone saying, "Let's do a Spanish version of the book." I'm getting the English version professionally proofed to prepare it for bookstore distribution.

Our friend Joe Vitale said the other day that he wants to tell his audience about Divine Openings through his email lists. At the expo he raved about how Michael's and my writing has evolved. My talk had almost as many people in attendance as his!

The World Wellness Expo was a big success for us even though the attendance was way down overall from last year. My experience of the expo was triple the success of last year! 500 people came to my talk (I cried), and about 60 people took home books, took a 3 hour intensive, or had hands on Divine Openings on the spot. Had a blast. Every year we know more people. Step by step it all builds.... remember this when you get impatient.

I had been so non-stop tirelessly in action for so long that after the June 2008 5-Day Silent Intensive I just stayed in slow gear! I didn't go back to super-productive mode, but even in slow motion I still get an extraordinary amount done. I'm sorta soft and fuzzy, and not in any hurry, and loving it. I'm going to take the whole summer relatively slowly, because everything is just in automatic flow..... so I can afford to!

What else is going on?.... Oh, too much to tell. I got the ducks a new, bigger tub to swim in, and they were really happy. Royal and Tava, the Arabians, are enjoying being squirted with the water hose every day to cool off in this 100 degree heat wave. The five kitties are growing at an unbelievable rate and at one week old they have opened their eyes. FREE Divine Kitties to the first 4 askers. We are keeping one at least. The rabbits are jumping for joy and the chicken girls all say hello.

My friend Michael's Austin All Natural Magazine is going into Year 3! Did you go see the cover photo I co-created and shot for it?
www.AustinAllNatural.com Only Honey, me, and Joe Vitale hold the distinction of being on two covers....LOL.

The Forum is getting more active, so go visit and meet people if you're in the course (it's a private area just for people in the Online Course.) The members are doing some amazing coaching on the Forum! I just sit back and smile!

New profiles course members can fill out, and add your photo. It's really making the Forum more warm and personal. I'M going there more often now!

Visit the Online Courses again if it's been a while for you, because there are GREAT new videos, and I add new things often. Week 10 of Level 2 has some great new material about "Sending it back to the Void" when you don't want it.

The business site that will transform people without any spiritual language is on the back burner, but cooking. So many projects! I'm going to complete some of the past ones I promised first..... like the chakra meditations. The creativity outran my ability to produce it all many months ago.

Summer Travel: We went to Bozeman June 18-23, did a course and vacationed. It's HEAVEN in June and the people were awesome. Went to Yellowstone, to a party, hiking, hot springs, dancing, and river rafting. Saw two raging waterfalls. We are in LOVE with Bozeman now and will go back to play. I brought the horses some of their luscious tall green grass in a baggie! I've never smelled so much chlorophyll!

We go to Toronto July 9-20 for a 2 Day, and a 5 Day Intensive, and might see Niagara Falls.

Crystal will take good care of you while I'm gone.


There are over 40 Divine Openings Givers now! When we get time, and when they're all set to handle it, we will make a contact page for the active ones. Read on if you want to hear what's happening with a sampling of them.....

I've been getting some fun updates from them:
Tammy Taylor is rocking..... literally...... recording with the big boys in Nashville as we speak, and she sent us some early cuts of the music. One is about Grace, and my crown chakra tingled when I heard it. You know what that means!!! We think it's going to be our Divine Openings theme song on the site. I want you guys to be able buy it from the site soon. Some of the other music rocks AND makes you tingle ..... imagine, rock and roll that enlightens!!! You'll hear it here first.

Leann in Pennsylvaniais beaming off enough joy to communicate with other galaxies. She's newly in love, traveling, feeling great.

Jo-Anne in Canada is "loving her life" and has magnetized about 30 people for our July programs there. She's on Cloud 9 gardening and enjoying life at her horse farm. Can't wait to meet her horses and see her again! Cindy from Toronto, and Leann from PA will drive there to assist.

George, the electrician in California, is transforming the construction workers he works with.... watching them wake up. And getting ready to start his Divine Openings and healing website.

Let me add that each and every one of the Divine Openings Givers are making a huge difference by simply "being," and being happy! It's all equally valuable. It's just fun to share the more dramatic adventures.

Love, Lola

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