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Divine Openings™ Silent Retreat on the Wild, Pirate Coast of Cornwall, England

The theme of this powerful retreat was "falling in love with contrast"--loving it all, and we did. The wild Cornwall coast is a study in contrasts, bright sunny days and wild, windy cold days and nights that nudged us all deeper inside. The estate is perched on a cliff above constantly crashing waves at high tide, and still tidal pools at low tide. The energy of the place itself was palpable even before I set up the powerful Divine Openings vortex.

This group fell madly in love with the contrasts, the silence, themselves, and each other. On our hikes wild ponies grouped around us over sparkling seas.

I'll let the video and photos below say the thousand words.  
Love, Lola


Lola StonehengeCornwall houseCornwall susanCornwall PoniesCornwall Pony Angeline

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