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Signs of Awakening to Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is unique for each person, and varies with the spiritual path, but here are some classic signs of how early to mid spiritual enlightenment unfolds with Divine Openings:

  1. Spiritual enlightenment with Divine Openings causes you to stop suffering and struggling. Issues and challenges resolve quickly. You have an inner knowing that all is well, no matter how it looks. Your awakening removes the veils to remembering who you are, and you increasingly know yourself as author of your reality. You can access more answers from within rather than seeking them outside yourself. You feel even more acutely, but your emotions become valued messengers that guide you. There's an awakening of your inner genius, and gifts and talents you may not have known you had suddenly emerge.
  2. Spiritual enlightenment with Divine Openings brings equanimity pretty quickly. You're happy, even when things don't go as you thought they would. Things do go better in general. Upsets don't last long. You're rubberized, so you bounce when you feel pain or encounter an obstacle. You're passionate about life but not attached to the physical details as much. You go with the Flow, and it works out.
  3. Awakening to enlightenment in most paths causes awareness of the oneness of everything. Divine Openings gets you In the Universal Flow, and in that flow everything is beautifully orchestrated (living out of the Flow is tough.) Other people called it charmed or miraculous, but you begin to think of it as normal. Grace and intention does much of the work for you. Things and people show up when you need them. Relationships, money, and health clear up and flow. Many feel as though The Presence is literally moving them through life. This may not be a constant feeling, but you are aware of it. It becomes more difficult to be unkind to anyone when you feel it as if they were you.
Divine Openings brings Practical Enlightenment
Spiritual Bliss ~ Practical Life Solutions


As well as bringing spiritual bliss and oneness with The Presence, Divine Openings brings practical spiritual enlightenment that works in daily life. Some paths bring bliss, but living on this earth is still hard. Lola Jones created Divine Openings to be practical. While mystical phenomena do happen at times, we don't chase it or glorify it.

Divine Openings helps you function at high levels in this world, have fulfilling work and thrilling relationships, and enjoy this Earth Life. You are able to stay unattached to details, people, things, and events, but passionate about life and people, not detached from them. You don't float off into la la land or wish to be in another dimension.

Divine Openings is deliberately designed to produce this practical spiritual enlightenment. If your heart desires it, Divine Openings helps you let it in. Your life works.

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