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She wandered away from her spiritual path and came back

She wandered away and came back

Have you ever felt like you fell off the path into the ditch, or just wandered away for a while?

Lost your focus and went back to a more unconscious or default reality?

Never fear--no penalty. You get a do-over, as we used to say as kids! With Divine Openings you get unlimited do-overs.
Your Large Self is still there, ever-patient. All that you gained before is still here, and you can go even higher.

How to get lined up for a great new start?

I'm delighted to share this 7 minute audio, a snippet of a session with a woman whose life got really great with Divine Openings, then she wandered away. As she puts it, her life spiralled down after a while, so she came back. She's not "back to working on herself"--no, not at all. We never do that. It's not necessary. We just stay awake.

Divine Openings helps us stay awake, mindful, focused, and deliberately creating.

Life gets distracting, and can take you away from your clarity and power.
The book, the online courses, retreats, sessions, music, webinars--all of it provides a positive focus and feeds your soul healthy food.

7 minute audio: She wandered away and came back



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