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Sharing Our Mission

With the full moon and the big new energies, I just couldn't sleep, so after lying there awhile savoring I got up to sit in front of a fire. Then felt moved to write to you. Thought I'd share Divine Openings mission and vision, which delighted me anew when I happened across it on the site just now.


To help people find their own inner guru and live happily ever after.Vision: Fulfillment in work, joy in living, ease and Grace in all. Team Philosophy: Mutual admiration and appreciation. Love for the work. Constant improvement. Live the power and success we teach in every area of our lives.

One of the things we all share here, and that showed up in the mission/vision statement, is a love of productive work.

We love doing what we do.

We're not trying to get to a place where we stop working. Rather the game is to try to make the most difference we can with our efforts.


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When you awake, rather than meeting the day as your limited self, lie in bed and breathe into your Expanded Self. It will work better, but best of all, it feels delicious.
Lola Jones