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You don't have to do it perfectly

This note is from a young woman I've watched grow with great delight for about four years now. She's excited to attend her second 5 Day Silent Retreat next week as the "food angel," coordinating the other returning retreaters in preparing or serving food. She said I could share this, and I'm delighted to give you the benefit of her words for many reasons. The biggest gift for many of you will be reinforcement for what I've so often said: you don't have to do Divine Openings or live your life perfectly for it to work beautifully.

And here's proof:

Dear beloved Lola, I am listening to the video from the Delaware 2 Day Retreat (on the Level 1 free trial page) and I just had the most wonderful realization that I have to share with you. It tickled me and made me feel so blessed and gifted.

One of the things I've struggled with the most is reconciling my desire to be of a high vibration, but my equally strong desire to be a great actress. To be an actress, I have to be willing to go out on stage and cry, scream, laugh, threaten, hate, seduce, etc. I have to be able to really, truly, authentically feel all of these feelings, at a moment's notice... on command. Sometimes this means focusing on things that make me feel bad just so I can conjure up that emotion... not my favorite thing to do, and as you can see, it's hard to do that and practice Divine Openings.

But as I listened to that video, and you said "ALL FEELINGS ARE GOOD!" I don't know why it hadn't sunk in yet, but it did. I suddenly had an image of one of those airplane pilots who write words in the sky... and I just knew that acting has to be like that! I'm not in danger of crashing my plane. If I know I'm going down on purpose, I know how to pull up and make a loop and control where I go! Such a liberating gift I have.

I am so thankful to you, and to myself for finally making a real commitment to this new way of living. I've resisted a lot and still my life has transformed. I am so excited to see you next week, and to allow the Grace in that I've been holding back from myself for so long. I'm really ready for it now, and I'm committed to letting it in. I love you. Love, Adrienne

Here she is (at left) ACTING!
She and the others were mimicking my Thai goddesses statue. Good job!

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