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Sex, Silence, and Spirit - FEEL the Feminine Power of Silence

Silence is a deeply feminine quality that takes you inward. Feminine is inward focused, while masculine is outward focused. It's incredibly powerful to give yourself silent time.

by Lola Jones

Silence can help you experience deeper bliss for yourself. Apply this to your life, whether you are coupled or single. 

This morning I woke in such a delicious silence that instead of our usual bubbly, childlike morning greetings--"You're here!" "Good morning love of my life!" "I love waking to the sight of your face"--I felt like luxuriating in a soft, semi-sleepy-eyed zone, absolutely quiet. I didn't want words or thoughts to even get started inside my head: the to do list, the responsibilities...


I wanted to drift in the silence.

I aimed at the heart of the Silent Void and kept my focus inward, deep inside my body. Feelings and exquisite sensations filled up my awareness--there was no room for thoughts.

At first Scott said a few words here and there, but when all I did was smile at him, stretch like a cat, and vibrate "inviting-ness," he was intrigued, then delighted. He quickly picked up on the silent vibe, and flowed along with it.

He couldn't resist a little humor, though...

He said, "Oh my God. My prayers have been answered--you're NOT TALKING!"

I laughed quietly, but folded the pleasure back inward and offered only another toothy Cheshire cat grin.

Caressing his face and head softly gave me great pleasure, and still allowed me to stay deep within myself while connecting with him completely.

Once you've fallen in love with silence, that place within where Presence always patiently awaits you, it gets easier and easier to let go into it.... and go deeper... and deeper.

Words so often pull us outside of our deep, centered peace, distracting us from the quiet, profound depths of who we are. Our busy minds want to fill every space with words, noise, and distraction, even if it's not meaningful, pleasant, or helpful.... drowning out the blissful Silent Presence within. The untrained mind fears silence. It wants to hear itself talk to reassure itself that it is still in control.

detectiveIf connective communication is missing in a relationship, by all means talk more, but too many relationships end up literally talked to death.

"Looks like yet another death by relationship discussion,"
surmised the detective, shaking his head.

When we use words to try to fix, force, manipulate, get something, change, convince, make our case, or even push a connection, our partners slowly shut their ears... and their hearts.

It's easy to get lost in meaningless chatter. When we "talk to" more than "just be with," or talk more than feel, it can subtly repel, numb, or drain our partners.

Get out of your head. Get into your body. Retreat into The Silence.

We women are most in our feminine, Goddessy energy when we are soft, feeling, and listening--receptive, not active. At the core of it, talking is masculine. Oh, yes, of course we women have to keep up with the best of them in the masculine world, but we get drained when we don't come home to our native feminine mode to rejuvenate and refresh our feminine energy.

Feeling, being, and attracting are more feminine... and irresistible. Silence is receptive and feminine.

lola scott nuzzleThe effect of the silence on my love is always deep and immediate.

He wants to come closer, even though he should be getting ready for work, consumed by the day's plans and responsibilities.

Lovemaking in profound silence can become a deep, connective meditation.

And it did.

* * * *

Ten years ago I retreated into a mind-blowing twenty-one days of silence, and still wasn't ready to talk at the end of it. I fell in love with The Silence, and with The Presence I met there. And it always calls me back home.

That's what happened this morning... it called me... irresistibly.

I'm often pulled inward by The Silence as a
Five Day Silent Retreat draws near.

Now the days leading up to a Five Day Silent Retreat are like a lover beckoning, "Come to me now. It's beautiful here. Don't wait for the retreat. Come now."

I've led over sixty retreats, and each one is a new and unique Honeymoon with The Divine, opening up new delights for me even as I enjoy the privilege of enticing others into their own new depths of fulfillment.

People are astounded at what happens when they spend just five days in The Silence with me in Profound Presence.

They're amazed at the doors that open without any processing or talking about issues, at the peace and fulfillment they find in the last place everyone thinks to look: inside. Without distractions and enfolded by an energy field you can actually feel, opening happens quickly and effortlessly.

EXPERIENCE DEEP SILENCE FOR YOURSELF, whether you are single or coupled:

Tomorrow morning, notice that your mind may want to start talking first thing when you wake up (even if only to YOU). Instead, PUT a little smile on your face, keep your eyes half closed, and aim your awareness deep down inside yourself.

Snuggle your body around under the covers.

Luxuriate in sensation and feeling and breathing.

Don't FOLLOW any thoughts that offer themselves, let them drift on by like puffy clouds.

If you get distracted, keep re-focusing deeper within your body, as if diving to the very core of your being.

If you have a partner, be open, warm, and responsive, but remain in the silence, smiling. Invite them into the silence with you just by being Silence.

Experience a LOT more love, pleasure, and fulfillment:

The Five Day Silent Retreat, in California, UK, or Germany.

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