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Sex, Money, and Enlightened Business

What do sex, business, and money have in common? More than you might think.  They're all expressions of the raw creative power given to each of us, they're all fed from the same energy center in this miraculous body, and they're all sourced from the same multidimensional stream of energy that creates universes. Creation of this universe was an ecstatic "sexual" explosion.

We all have this generative power inside of us that might look like a giant fountain if we could see it, but most of us were trained OUT of our natural ability to trust that energy, tap into it, and flow it freely to make a practical difference in our lives and others' lives.

The physical world is so distracting that it's easy to forget that everything begins with energy, not action. We talk about energy all the time, but are we really tapping it deeply and using it--or do we jump into the salt mines of the material world and toil, or try to push rocks up hills? What's really possible using energy before action

Sex, business, and money work the same - it's more about energy alignment than the actions:

  • In tantric sex, we find and feel our own and each others' energy first and follow the energy to ecstatic states rather than trying to make things happen with physical action. In enlightened business, you align energy before throwing any money or action at it. With both, we're in the present moment, not focused on past or future.

  • Sex can be merely mechanical and pre-conditoned by the controlling mind, or it can be inner guided, cosmically fulfilling, love-expanding, and transcendent. With money and business you can follow the dollar, set goals, and be merely successful, or you can let the flow and you gut guide you to your joy, whether in accounting, construction, or art.

  • Your sex, money, or business vibration creates a glow that has a profound ripple effect, manifesting first in your vibration, then your feelings, then in your life, your bed, your business, or your bank account. Then it overflows into your inner circle of friends, clients and employees, eventually impacting the entire world. People told me countless times that their money situation improves after spending time with me casually without talking about money. Being with lit up people lights you up, hence the long tradition of spending time with masters. This is the primary reason our retreats work so miraculously--you are attuned and transformed by being in that clear, pure field of resonance with for five solid days, twenty four hours a day (yes, even while you sleep.) The books and online courses offer this opportunity, too (if you can stay focused without the physical immersion.)

  • The big difference is always in your consciousness: how present and tuned in you are, and how aligned your energy truly is with what you want to happen.

  • All of this can also be said about Divine Openings!

 It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

Deep down, some feel it's wrong to enjoy too much sex, money, or anything good. True, many humans use and express sex, money, and business energies from a lower consciousness, with results we don't like. There's societal conditioning pulling at us, and sometimes we have personal history to transcend in order to enjoy money and sex in a healthy, balanced way without giving our power away to them. With all that going on, it can be easy to feel dominated or victimized by sex or money, bitter about them, or just plain old discouraged about ever having it work out positively.

Sex literally creates new life; anyone can do that. But with a high level of intention, focus, and lighthearted practice, sex can blast us into new heights of consciousness and bliss as well, then that overflows energetically to enrich the world. We want to avoid "working hard" at it because Divine Openings is about lining up the energy first, then taking relaxed, guided action--following the flow.

When I'm lit up and juiced up, people light up everywhere I go. There's a magnetic effect. Out dancing (wildly) recently, the band thanked us for lighting up the room. The energy is already available to you--the only questions are:  "How much pleasure will you allow yourself?"   "Will you let go to it?" 

What could be more yummy than ecstatic sex being a key part of your spiritual path and meditation practice?

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