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Sedona - Our Adventure in Consciousness Expanding

Soak up the Sedona vortex energy. 

Enjoy the video, soak up the Sedona vortex energy I'm sitting in, AND the Divine Openings energy. Let the everyday miracles in. Enjoy the explosive "sun energy, or fusion energy" exercise in the video. Bridget, who was on that webinar, said it broke open all kinds of inspiration for her business. PLUS there's a Divine Opening at the end. 

The video was made in a live Portals 1 through 3 FREE members webinar on the fourth day of our 10-day Sedona trip. It's a great preview of what you get as a Portal member.

The article below continues the story of the life-changing adventure of the 5 days after this video was made! 

A Near Miss and a Bullseye

by Lola Jones

When we arrived home from our 10-day holiday adventure to Sedona, Arizona we noticed that a giant tree had fallen... almost on the house.

In one of those everyday miracles, it missed crushing our house and the heating/cooling units by an inch. Some big branches came to rest on the roof and only broke a few tiles.

Another everyday miracle happened in Sedona. We were in a pub the second night, and everyone started shouting excitedly and running outside with their phones. 

A rare heavy snowstorm was rapidly covering our cars, and amazingly, lightning was flashing. Lightning and thunder in a snowstorm only happens 6 times a year in the entire world. Most people never witness it. 

I LOVE lightning and thunder. 

I call up that energy sometimes in healing.

Bell Rock, Sedona, with Lola JonesI felt called to check out Sedona, and we needed a new adventure. I've been there three other times, but this time I was in complete resonance with it, fell in love with it, felt at home there. This is my favorite vortex, Bell Rock. 

Hiking the vortexes (proper plural is vortices) and lying on a cold rock meditating on the blue sky had me soaring on waves of happiness and inspiration. The town is vibrant and most of the people we met were friendly and happy.

Our very homey hotel offered free mini-seminars, art, and music every day. An MIT-trained scientist explained the energy of the vortices. He also shared a method of tapping into the happy part of your brain. Our methods were remarkably similar - the only difference being that he'd come from a brain science background and then opened to the spiritual. I'll share it with you on the next FREE Portals 3-through-5 Members Webinar on December 30. (Info is on your Enter Your Courses page.) 

Scott called his experience in Sedona "life-changing." 

But there was a breakdown before the breakthrough. (When we're in resistance contrast has to break it.)

Scott had been dead set against leaving Alpine because he'd invested his heart and soul into making our Alpine home a tropical paradise. I kept telling him it was just a property, I wasn't attached to it, and it's more important to follow guidance. That there is always more and better. 

He had been angry, resentful, powerless, and upset for quite some time about that. I'd felt tense and stuck not making a move I was called to make. I didn't have to stay here; I own the house, but I stayed, waiting for him to come around. 

He liked Sedona at first. But then all that emotion and a pile of history from way before me arose at once. 

He lamented, "You belong here in Sedona - I don't. Sell the house and move here without me. This energy is breaking me down. I'm getting weaker every day. I'm dying." 

"It's supposed to break down. It's a good thing," I said.

With all the experience I have with old energy moving I had to hold back from smiling. "You couldn't feel these painful emotions unless they'd been in you all along. Sedona didn't cause them, this energy only unearthed them," I assured him.

People aren't always encouraged by that news, as I'm sure you've noticed! 

I'm not his teacher. I have always respected his path, his way, at his pace. My job is to love him, not fix him.

He totally broke down, often crying, for days. If he wasn't up for it I went hiking alone and was happy. 

I said to myself, "Let him be. It's his journey." 

He doesn't have the Divine Openings tools you and I do.

He meditates, but as most of you know, until we allow old emotions to freely move, overall growth and evolution is stunted. 

Like many people, he didn't realize how much he'd feared, avoided, and spiritual-bypassed mountains of old buried emotions. I was worried for a while because I've had to let more than one dear man go due to that. 

Scott only appreciated the gift when it was over.

 On day seven his emotional clouds burned off, his sunny glow was brighter than ever, and he was on fire with new insights and inspiration. 
He marveled that he felt like a new man, reborn strong, energetic, powerful. 

"I got lost there for a while, but I'm all in with you now. I feel like Superman. And I'm being shown the steps." He came home and dived into the next steps with enthusiasm. I'm happy to "lean back" and let him lead! That builds his masculine energy and I can just receive.  (You Goddess Course members know what that powerful term "lean back" means.)

This experience was the best Christmas present ever.

Plus Scott gave me two new amethyst rings in Sedona. 

 So we are taking steps as guided. Sometimes the stepping stones appear in front of you one at a time. We'll allow it to unfold. If our new home is indeed Sedona, and if it manifests soon enough the May 2023 5 Day Retreat will be held there. 

My experience in Sedona was 100% smooth and flowing. I feel newly energized and free, curious, full of anticipation for the next adventure in our lives. It feels good to let go to the call of Life, not asking "why," simply letting The Presence lay out the "how to's" for us.

I'll share One more everyday miracle

Scott's dreams are often vivid, colorful, thrilling adventures that feel 100% real. In his first dream after the breakthrough he was surrounded by the worst, scariest monsters ever. Just as they were about to get him, God came in human form and stood between him and the monsters and said, "I will help you deal with all these monsters." 

After sharing the dream with me he grumped, "Well, it's about time God came through for me." 

"You know what I'd tell a student?" I asked with a grin. He nodded for me to go on. "God never goes away - WE DO. God was always right there. Now YOU are available." 

May your holidays be full of love, Presence, allowing, inspiration, and abundance.

Love, freedom, and joy,
Lola Jones

PS -
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