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Sacred site within you, vortex attunes your energy, video

Sacred sites can be wonderful because sacred sites have a very strong vortex of energy that helps you find the home frequency and attune yourself to it. Divine Openings events with me or a session with one of our Guides does the same thing.

Still, remember that the most powerful sacred site.... is within you, just practice and go within and you increasingly learn to tune into it. The site gets our attention and focus, but you can focus that passionately without the sacred site if you really want to. A pitfall of sacred sites can be that chasing wild spiritual experiences can either cause them to recede from you, or help you forget that life is for enjoyment HERE, NOW.

I have friends who love to visit sacred sites, and I go along because it definitely feels good, but you will notice that the higher your vibration rises, the less contrast you will feel when at a sacred site, because you're already near that frequency. I've even raised the frequency of a couple of sacred sites in Sedona; they were a little "drained" ha ha. (That turned into a very funny story in my upcoming Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru humor book, now in production.)

For a long time I've been creating the vortex wherever I find myself or want to give a program, without even thinking about it.

Our whole house IS a vortex, and people who aren't even spiritual comment on it when they walk in.
They say things like, "The peace here is tangible."

You can create your own vortex or sacred site in your living room or meditation room.
Intend it, imagine it.
You can travel to sacred sites for fun rather than need.

Love, Lola

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