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Sabine's Newest, Inspiring, Happy Music

sabinehappymomentsSabine delights, inspires, and uplifts us all with another CD called Happy Moments - or Glücksmomente. My personal favorite is LoveSong, but let us know what your favorites are. They're all amazing. 

To hear samples: www.sabinefaast.de/hörproben

Contact Sabine directly to order it in Europe: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We'll soon have it available on our website!

Get started on a spiritual path that works

The best times of your entire life are just ahead: Your Journey Begins

Here's an older audio (just stream it) that inspired this article:
Lola Jones Audio - Cutting Thru the Spiritual Crap


Lola Jones Things are going Great

FREE Manifest Your New Year, Beyond Law of Attraction

The power is NOW in this recording - it guides you to manifest what you want, using your feeling vibrations and imagination. 
Way out beyond Law of Attraction, eveyone ended it feeling fantastic.
We use the Power of NOW to bring it to this moment so it's "already here" and you're not feeling lack.

It includes the super-popular Breathe Compassion Meditation too!

Fresh Start Creation Meditation, Breathe Compassion In & Out, English only.

It's good for ANY time of year although we used it to begin the New Year.

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The mind is a wrong-seeking missile. It'll never stop finding something wrong to fix, heal, or change. But focusing on what is wrong is creating more of what is wrong. Focus on what you want.
Lola Jones