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This REALLY IS My New Reality!

This delightful session with a woman in the UK whose entire life has transformed is so relevant to many of you who have had the same experience as her: when you're still assimilating it all and beginning to believe it really will last.

To believe that "This REALLY IS My New Reality! "

Those of us who've been living this new life for a decade already know it will not only last, but get better and better.

In this video we begin with ways to soothe the mind's doubts, then we talk about the mind maturing so that it becomes your friend and assistant, then the session deepens into pure Grace, beyond words.

The internet and YouTube have conditioned us to have so little depth that we want 6 minute videos, but profound depth doesn't often happen in 6 minutes.

Make time for things that deeply enrich you.

Love and Grace,


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