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Raving About Some Things That Will Surprise You

I'm going to rave about some things that will surprise you. It's been an "interesting" week. We discovered some creased pages in the latest run of books, and had to wrangle with the printer to cover our lost postage and time, in addition to replacing the defective books.

Honey, my very passive 11 year old dog of 9 years, was attacked by two big neighbor dogs, and had to have midnight surgery. When I first saw her I was very upset, but actually very calm and collected. She was covered in blood. The muscle in her back leg was severed and she even lost a canine tooth.

So what was there to rave about?printer finally gave me everything I asked for, plus some. We had a great emergency clinic vet, and Honey's stitches and punctures healed miraculously fast, despite the vet's concern that she wouldn't recover use of her hind leg. Within 24 hours she was walking around just fine, and didn't want her pain meds!

Two days later my outdoor water pipes burst out by the driveway (this has happened twice before, when there was cracked dry ground, like there is now.) The pipeline stretches 1/8 of a mile from the street to my house. Sure, I had that moment of panic, of worrying about having created this, and all this extra expense, and would this run of hassles last longer....

But I gave it over the my Large Self, and let go for a moment. I soothed myself: "I'll feel it, but I'm not going down into a spiral. I just don't choose to. Old physical stuff breaks. So I've had a few speed blumps. It's all in how you handle it. I'm open as I can be. What can I do that works?"

Immediately my Large Self caused a name to spring to mind -- an inexpensive worker I know who can dig it up and fix it, rather than get an expensive plumber like last time. A wave of relief washed over me that like always, when I let go it's handled.

Within a few minutes I was actually blissed out, thinking more about the beautiful, cool, sunshiny day, strolling up the long driveway to turn the water off. Appreciating how easy it would be. I was pretty amazed how fast the feelings moved, and how joyful I got. Soon I'll just replace the whole run of pipe, so this won't happen again, but it's $4000 to do that, so I'll wait just a bit till it feels right, till I get the nod from within.... and the right people will show up to do it.

How did I create all this? That dip in vibration I had when Michael was so unhappy about the change in our relationship has had a few repercussions, but things have still smoothed out incredibly fast. So take heart. The more often your vibration is usually up there, the more "excess padding" you have in your vibrational savings account. You can afford a few rainy days. You'll feel the feelings, and you might even notice the physical world fallout from them, but they won't last long. The key is to keep it moving and turn it over if it's too big for you.

Love, Lola

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