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Raving About Gas Prices!

Just as I bought a bigger vehicle, a V8 Tahoe that will pull my horse trailer, gas prices plummeted. It was so cool! It has been so unusual for prices to drop back so radically. Usually once inflation, or whatever, raises prices, they don't go back down. Everyone just makes more money, the numbers all get bigger, and that price becomes accepted as normal. (Houses cost $1000 in 1940). I'm calling it a miracle that the gas prices dropped so much so fast. I'm declaring it a taste of things to come, and a preview of the coming prosperous times.

In Jumping The Matrix terms, I'm taking credit for the miracle. All of you who envisioned it co-created it with me. Thank you! Focus on everything that is getting better. Rave about the improvements. Keep seeing it better and better for all. Refuse to buy into the media viewpoint, or other factual or "realistic" assessments of the situation. Stick to what YOU want to see.

Disrespect so-called "reality".

Just had to rave about this!

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