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Rave About It

What is even more powerful than gratitude?
More potent than appreciation?
More profound than giving thanks?

RAVE About It!

"Raising your vibration" used to be a nebulous concept. Those of you who have read my book know it can be as easy as reading the altimeter on your airplane. And you know that once you can use that altimeter to navigate your plane up into the higher altitudes, you become a more powerful creator.

Gratitude, giving thanks, and appreciation are pretty high altitudes, so what could possibly take you even higher? I've been calling it RAVING. Raving can take you to bliss.

Go on a spree of raving about what is good in your life. Talk it up, play it up, juice it up, feel it, and so magnify it. A client from the United Kingdom recently said, "Over here we call that 'going on about it'."
And most of the world is going on about what is wrong or bad. So go on about what's good! And on ... and on.  

They call non-stop dance parties raves. My mom would say, "He just raved about your art." I love the word. It's dramatic.
"Raving about it" creates an updraft that swoops you up into high altitude, ecstatic feelings -- far higher than appreciation.
The practical value of this? Things that happen in your life match your vibration on that subject. Change your vibration on that subject, and you eventually change your results in that area of life.
You are literally a "vibration generator," always humming along, cranking out vibrations constantly. Raving has you emit enough wattage to light the east coast.

How do you rave? Easy. Just start talking about all the things you do love and appreciate. Get emotional about it, and juice it up until you can feel it in every cell of your body. Think of more and more things to add. With practice you'll get good at this and it becomes a habit. You'll be very powerful by that point.
"Well, you might say, that's easy enough. But how do you rave about something you're not so crazy about?" OK, let's say it's your job (or insert your challenge here ________.) Start with easy things you do appreciate to get your vibration up first. Then cross over into the area where your want to raise your vibration.
"I love this morning light, and my soft bed. A shower is so refreshing, and the smell of coffee... yum! Oh, my dog wags his tail like every morning is the best ever on the planet. Nothing like a big, long stretch to start the day. The flowers are blooming! How good to have eyes to see these colors. I do appreciate that I have a job that's near home. I love working with Phil. They do pay me on time. They're very stable. Wow, imagine the job I'll have next! It'll pay more, I'll have shorter hours!..."
What if it's a person who's tough to love. Appreciation vibrates at the same frequency as love. Why's that important? Because it's easier to muster a little specific appreciation than it is to conjure up love and light you don't authentically feel. And when you RAVE, your vibration soars even higher than appreciation and love. It's powerful.
The beauty of advanced states of consciousness is that you can generate vibrations at will, rather than being at the effect of other people and outer circumstances. This is going to keep increasing as you do Divine Openings.
Then you're the master of your reality. That's something to rave about.

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Advanced take on these vibrations:

Vibrationally, gratitude is a medium-high vibration, giving thanks is a bit higher, appreciation is even higher than that.

Feeling these distinct energies will be good practice for you: feel how gratitude has some tinge of "I'm lesser than the entity who is giving this to me." When you're on your knees in gratitude, for instance, you are not feeling very powerful. You are "less than". There can even a hint of unworthiness in it.

Then feel the vibration of giving thanks. Again, it's usually as if you are looking "UP" to Heaven, rather than thanking a Larger aspect of yourself.

Now, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with any of this. But you are presumably here to go to higher levels of consciousness.

Appreciation has more of a feeling of equality to it, yes? When you appreciate something or someone, there's no sense of beholden-ness. There's no sense of you being more lowly. You appreciate as an equal would appreciate another equal. There's nothing you owe anyone for.

When we move into appreciation, we stop praying like beggars. We begin to declare what we want with authority, and know it's coming. We begin to look upon what is good with power. We feel powerful. We're looking at this world as the Creator does, with pride, awe, and wonder.

Raving is full out celebration. It moves you into bliss and ecstasy.

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