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Profound Healings Recently

I had the privilege of being a catalyst in the healing a young man before I left California. His feet had been so painful due to extra bones in his feet that he was in a wheelchair. I held his hand and looked at his closed eyes for about ten minutes. He had many physical indicators that the healing was being fully received and allowed. His eyelids, shoulders, hands, and body twitched intermittently, and his mouth moved continuously.  Later that day he said it felt as if all his emotions had been reset, and he felt love and gratitude for the first time.

The day after the healing, he got up out of the wheelchair and walked without pain, and has remained fine.

My 76 year old mom has been coming to visit me every couple of months since my dad left this dimension over a year ago. I send her Amtrak tickets. We have fun relaxing, watching DVD's, cooking, sightseeing, and shopping. Each visit, she receives Divine Openings, and lately, healings. Today she let a healing in more fully than ever before.

Yes, the reciever's intentions (conscious and unconscious) are a huge factor. You have free will, and you have to let it in.

I think you'll get some powerful messages in this story:

  • When something happens that you don't want, it intensifies your desire for what you do want.
  • Your will to live and be happy are vital.

Together, we watched The Birdman Of Alcatraz last night, and one part really struck me: a young inmate was wounded in a riot, and the birdman, who'd become quite educated in medicine, was attending to him. The young man wasn't wounded that badly, and the birdman consoled him that he would be OK. The young inmate said, "Life in this cage is no good. I'd rather be dead."

The birdman was shocked when the young man suddenly died, "He wasn't hurt that bad. I don't get it." But I get it. Our desire and intention means everything. If you want to live and heal, you do. If your vibration is dominated by fear or powerlessness, though, it can cause your life force to trickle away, rapidly, or slowly. The young man's strongest desire was for freedom, but he saw death as the only way to it.

Mom has let herself decline a bit in recent years, letting her will to live slip away since my dad's passing a year ago. We were out in the yard, and she took off over some rough stepping stones before I could get there to help her. Her balance has improved, but is still precarious, and she fell face down, fortunately into grass. Back in the house, she mentioned getting her pills so her head would stop hurting.

Standing there in the kitchen, I just quickly put my hands on the sides of her forehead and face, and felt the energy/light/intelligence begin to gush. I think catching her off guard and not making a big deal about "a healing" helped her let in in. She closed her eyes and let go.

Her eyelids fluttered very very fast, which is a prime indicator of allowing the healing. She began to relax and go so deep I wondered if she would remain standing up, but she did, so I didn't interrupt the flow.

I stood there enjoying the sensation until she took a big deep breath. She opened her eyes and said, "Your little hands feel so good." Then the next thing out of her mouth was, "I can see better!" Lately, people's vision is improving from healings, and they don't need their glasses. She soon noticed that her back was not hurting either. She's had a long history of degenerative spine problems and spinal fusion surgeries, and the most recent one didn't relieve all the pain.

A Divine Healing is a whole-being healing. It's not about one specific condition, so the eyes, and the effects of the fall were healed.

Later it occured to me that falling had scared her enough that in that moment, face to face with what she did not want, she had a blast of desire to have it be different, better. She let the healing in.

Later on, I was surprised when she was reading my Quotes book, and she laughed as she read aloud some of her favorites, such as, "It's OK to glance backward, but if you keep doing that too much, you're going to trip over something. Watch where you're going." The irony of her fall wasn't lost on her.

She also loved, "Getting older means more power to create the life I want, until the day I consciously decide to depart this body." It was delightful that she could "hear" that. Never underestimate what your relatives can hear if they want to, regardless of age or background.

You might wonder why on earth anyone would resist healing, unless through Divine Openings you've become very aware of how vibration and how resistance works. Well, people don't mean to be resistant. They've just developed some vibrational habits they often don't know they have.

People don't mean to resist any of the good that flows, but they do. Both my parents would heal, then develop something new, or get a new injury, so I learned to let go of the "results" and let it be.

Divine Openings will blast through that, either slowly (in which case you must stick to it) or rapidly in some cases. Your powerful intention and free will does have a strong bearing. One of the reasons my mom's progress has been slower is that she says, "I'm not a reader, and have a hard time getting through the book". The effectiveness of Divine Openings isn't 100% without the book, which retrains the mind to be your servant instead of your master, and helps you make conscious choices to go with the flow of Grace instead of resisting. For some of you, the release of resistance, and letting it in, is an unfolding. For some it's instant.

But you know, my Mom has been softening and letting it in more and more. I am so happy!

Even Divine Openings Givers sometimes have an adjustment period in which their mind may not fully grasp their new power. This was sent in by Dorothy, a psychologist who works with post traumatic stress syndrome with veterans. She just did the 5 Day Retreat and became a Divine Openings Giver about a month ago.

"I did one healing that at first scared me because of the physical effects of uncontrolled twitching and "vibrating" of the person for several days. When he went to his physician a week later that all stopped as well as the physical pain he had been experiencing for 10 months since an accident. The doctor could find nothing wrong with him. His father called me last week that he remains well and calls it a miracle. The father did not know of the divine healing and I do not think the son remembers. When I got out of the way God truly performs miracles."

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