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Preview chapter from book in progress: Intention Is All You Need

If this excerpt from the new book in progress challenges you, relax, ease up on yourself, and set the intention to get it in your own perfect timing. Just soak it up and allow it to expand you without efforting at it. It's not wrong to still be asking questions, but this article is a preview of the blessed, happy, liberating day that you have no further questions, and you live.

It happens for some around Level 2, but certainly by Jumping The Matrix, you're ready to spread your own wings, and you begin to find your own unique ways of creating, of doing what you want and need to do. You cook up your own unique recipe for reality, make your own rules, and then quickly find ways to make them obsolete and break them.

Each of you is the center of the entire Holographic Universe. Your realities will not be identical, although people in vibrational harmony with you will tend to be more similar.

At a magical point, a door that's unique to you in all the Universe opens, and you throw off your shoes, fling your arms wide, and step through the door into the unknown, beyond the leading edge, without benefit of definitions, maps, guides, or directions. Without anyone to assure, comfort you, or even share it with you, you walk into the new world you're creating. As poet David Whyte says, at that moment, to your surprise, you discover you've "fallen in love with solid ground" and love being here on Earth.

Don't worry, you'll create other people, from your old life, or "from nothing", to share your reality with.

In the old paradigm, you turn and ask someone, "Which is the correct stepping stone?" Later you'll laugh because that makes no sense in the new paradigm.

In the new paradigm, you create each stepping stone right before you step on it.

Someone asked me, "Why is Divine Openings beyond what you learned from your teachers in your twenty one days of silence?" The simplest answer is: I've invented my own world, my own questions, and my own answers since then - to suit myself. I haven't turned back to ask for answers to questions. Most of my questions disappeared anyway, and when I ask a new one, the answer usually appears instantly inside if I need to know right now. If not it simply unfolds in good timing. There's no striving or stressing about it. I'll create the answer.

I've found most of my own unique answers by direct knowing, and shaped my reality around that. Most people seek an answer outside and shape their reality around the answer, as if it were true.

I haven't followed most of the rules of everyone else's game. One of my favorite retorts to well-meant suggestions to facing reality is, "Well that's not MY reality." I prefer to make up my own, thank you, and delight myself.

In the old paradigm, we ask questions of people or traditions or texts out there, and believe them when they give us the answers. We seek reassurance and "proof" - something to cling to, truths to live by.

In advanced Divine Openings, we make up the questions for the fun of it, for the possibilities they create as we ask them of ourselves (how fun and exciting is that?) rather than to get factual answers - as if such existed. Level 2 Online has a whole module on Effective Questions - a certain type of questions you ask of your Large Self, and then you let go and let your Large Self answer them, or you just experience the unfolding as they change your life.

We either choose to know we get to make up the questions AND the answers, or we perpetuate the hide and seek game where we choose to pretend we aren't God in human form and pretend we don't know, and need someone to tell us. But then the answers those others give often aren't very useful, because they too have forgotten they're God in human form.

At the doorway to the Beyond, the faint of heart, those afraid to leave the herd, turn back to the comfort of the established consensus reality, where everything is known, labelled, written down, and defined. They turn back to the dubious security of believing they don't create it all themselves. They look for logic and proof to bolster up one version of reality that is verifiable by consensus, or to musty, ancient, outdated texts. Even if it's not working all that well at least everybody agrees on it and there's not that woozy feeling of "where am I and what's real?"

Images come to mind. Lewis and Clark asking for a road map. Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins looking for street signs on the way to the moon. Madame Curie looking in a textbook for the answer to the question, "What is this strange substance that has grown in my petrie dish?"

Once you begin to taste the sweetness of direct knowing, and claim full authorship of your own life, you gladly give up the false security of proof and logic and consensus reality. Because what it proves is meaningless and even limiting to you. Good riddance to it! It's a relief to be done with it!

That's when you really begin to have fun exploring the possibilities of life rather than looking for rules that have already been formulated for you. Each event, person, and even roadblock are recognized for the gift they are on your adventure. Each turn, each detour, each invitation offers new possibilities, as you recognize, with humor and appreciation, that you planted them there for yourself to nudge and irritate and lure you into further unfolding.

Now you're out there in the flow of Life, in harmony with all that is, watching with amusement as the whole Universe turns on a dime at your lightest intention.

You're in direct knowing, on the automatic download program, watching the knowing you need appear without need for experts, references, or texts. You're writing your own script and making up your own purpose for living. When I came to that place where I realized there was no inherent meaning or purpose in life, after about one day of feeling rather flat and disoriented, I gaily made one up that pleased me and resumed living without a missed step.

There's nowhere to go and nothing you must do, yet all eternity to go wherever you'd llike to go and do whatever you'd like to do. Yesterday is resolved and complete, and tomorrow is merely an invitation to step forward. You feel inexorably drawn in certain directions, with synchronistic signs at every turn, yet somehow you're also completely free to choose, even if it's just to say yes or no to the guidance.

You're one with the world, yet a distinct, unique expression of it. You seamlessly accept and blend paradoxical knowings that simply won't submit to linear logic. The mind doesn't limit you anymore. It surrenders to being your servant. You move beyond concepts and interpretations and experience life directly, and know directly, without even needing to define what it is you know. You're OK with others being somewhere else in their evolution. You're living your life.

As I am deeply committed to facilitating every student to become their own master, I constantly endeavor to remain in the background. It's one of the reasons the internet has been such a perfect medium for me and my way of being with you. I visit you in dreams, I assist you in ways beyond imagining, yet I stay out of guru roles and satsangs, avoiding regular meetings and routines that would have anyone rely on me. I know it can be disconcerting for those who need more guidance, but we do offer that in the online courses, sessions, 5 day silent retreats, and group calls.

My intention is to keep a balance between giving you what you truly need at each stage, and stepping back as you claim your power. Reminding you when you're tempted to return to seeking or give in to the world's views, and stepping back again when you remember who you are. And there are no rules, only the subtle senses to go by.

Much love,

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