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The Power Of The Field Of Resonance, and a GREAT Video

New awarenesses have opened up. Ah, I love the constant unfolding.

It began with a download I had the other night (kept me awake all night). The download, which was actually quite unprecedented and terrifying to me at the time, wasn't verbal, and I didn't have much of a clue what it was about, except I had some vague feeling it would "involve a new level of teaching". Never to worry; when it's time the downloaded energy/light/intelligence always begins to play out in my life and make itself known in practical terms. It first comes in in a form that is not yet speakable in words. Then I eventually "get it" and translate it to words.

Actually everything begins in the non-physical. You and I are just getting better at sensing it while it's still non-physical, before it materializes or plays out in the physical.

This one was fast to unfold.

As usual, synchronicity will cause many things to appear from many directions to reinforce and round out a new knowing that's blossoming.

Someone sent me this email after a recent group call:

I have only been listening to the audios. I was on last night’s group call and – I don’t know what kind of juice you’re drinking, but the energy just coming from your voice was HUGE!  So much more palpable than the audios for me.

Then, "coincidentally" I happened upon an account of a woman who had a major awakening from a weekend seminar with another teacher. She was blown away by it, and they explained that it was primarily caused, not by the "content" or the words in the seminar, but by being steeped in the field of resonance of this very awakened top student of a very, very powerful teacher/healer (not a guru, an American teacher, like me). The students who became the most comparably powerful had spent a lot of time in the field of resonance of that teacher, either in courses or volunteering. The teacher holds the field of resonance until the student can.

Different people have different gifts and talents, whether they're born with them or developed. Some can float impossibly in the air and make a basketball go through a hoop, while others can write novels that convince you the characters and that entire imaginary world actually existed, others can make vegetables grow ten feet tall, and still others can sing a melody that goes right to your soul. (All of these are equally valuable, and to learn how to do any of it you'd choose the appropriate master.)

None of this is new to the world, and fields of resonance and holding them are already commonplace to me. What's new is me coming to grips with some things in a new way. My aim and method has always been to help people come into their own power. Success to me is when they truly discover that power within themselves and just stay in touch with me and my website because it stimulates their unfolding, and for the like-minded news and information.

I've not allowed people to make me a guru, or to depend on me, and certainly not to put me above them. I've set this whole internet thing up to keep a certain distance most of the time, so people couldn't hang around too much, nor fail to rely on themselves, nor look to me instead of within. I've not collected followers, but helped develop self reliant people.

My focus is largely within. I've almost "hidden out" here at the ranch for four years, and now I'm seeing I was being guided by my Larger Self to take the time to mature and become unattached to my gifts - yet to let them shine. Hiding your brilliance is not helpful to humanity.

Questions I'd been asking within lately: "Why are some teachers more adept at causing transformation and miracles? Why is the field of resonance so transformative that all you have to do is be near for a while and it changes your life? Why do some students take the transference so quickly and easily?"

And of course, that always leads to, "How can I even more effectively assist people in finding that power within themselves? How can it be taught better?" I do it well, but there's always more, and I'd like to see it happen even faster (as fast as they can safely integrate it) and more consistently. Life is about constant evolution!

In so many spiritual paths and cults, people are led to keep looking to the guru or teacher for all their evolution, information, questions, recharges and uplifts. When the student doesn't begin to go within for most things most of the time, too much power is being given to the teacher. I've fired students before when I sensed the intention to be dependent on me and non-willingness to go within for most things.

So where's the balance? It is completely obvious that there is value in being in the live Presence of gifted teachers who create a powerful field of resonance. THE Presence is so fully Present! You're enveloped and entrained by Grace, without working at it. Since some of us have devoted our life and time to this type of service, since it pervades our daily life, thoughts, feelings, and dreamtime, and since we live it every moment of every day, our vibration IS often more clear and focused than the average person's. I deliberately don't allow much outside input, especially not media, and absolutely no modality soup to dilute it, so that my signal remains as clear as possible while being human. (This is NOT a sacrifice, it's a joy, by the way.)

We all do benefit from help with blind spots and certain stubborn things we can't seem to see. We benefit from the support, fun, and human connection of community, too. It's much tougher to live in a reality no human shares with you, although it can be done.

An aside about modality soup, and my most respected colleagues agree on this: When there's modality hopping, or multi-modalities going on, power is given away to each next new thing, or one more is always needed. "This one has the answer. No, that wasn't it, THIS one has the answer. No, it must be this NEXT one. Oh, I need another one to add to this pile."

The answers are within. Good teachers can offer the Grace boost, point the way, help you avoid the distractions and pitfalls, but there is no escaping going within alone, just you, and being willing to feel for yourself. Until that happens, growth is stunted.

When I'm leading the 5 Day Silent Retreat, "I" am hardly there at all! The 5 Day is an extraordinary field of resonance that is fairly undiluted by my human personality, in fact, The Presence uses my human personality to maximum effect. (The opposite of that is when the human personality uses us.)

Now it appears the next steps for me are to literally "step out" and allow a bit more of the fullness of it to shine. Some won't like it, and that's OK with me, having also in the past four years developed a complete disregard for other people's judgments of me, which one must do if one is in the public eye. (Hmmm.... interestingly, I don't attract that much of that, or other negativities, anyway. This is good!)

It's still unfolding and I'm not sure how, neither am I concerned about how it will play out. It always does. It might be that I create another advanced event called Power and Intention. Prerequisites will be Levels 1, 2, and Jumping The Matrix.

Power and Intention (in whatever form it materializes in) will explain why some people can speak it and it appears, and why that comes slower or not at all for others. It will walk people through their resistances to their own power, and help them stop giving it away, and so get incredibly clear and focused. (Interestingly, many spiritual people are terrified of their own power, while dictators and gangsters have no fear of it at all.) A little healthy awareness of the possible abuses of power is a good thing to develop, but we humans tend to swing all the way to one extreme or the other.

Whatever I do might be given live, but I'm not sure. Live is absolutely the most intense, but the email above suggests that phone might be sufficient, and that would make it possible for more people. But I promise you, I am coming to grips with owning all my own power, not downplaying it, and at the same time staying very balanced in it, and keeping the focus on helping you open you to yours.

Stay tuned.

Love you more than you know (or maybe you do),
PS - Watch, sing along, and smile!

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