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How to Avoid 7 Potholes on Your Road to Freedom

I get to help thousands of people raise their vibration each year, manifest their hearts' desires, and become deeply fulfilled. I'm celebrating you now!

Rave about it. You're a light in your world, to boot!

Why are some not getting all those goodies?

It's usually one or a combination of the 7 potholes below. Time for a refresher!

Get ready: the small self does NOT want you to see this,
so if you get aggravated, you really needed to hear it.  ;>) 

The small self is not even the tiniest bit interested in your happiness and freedom.
It pretends to seek enlightenment, but it's intention is really to stay in charge.

If you stay on the path, the small self does, at some stage, let go into the service of your Large Self and happily help you.

But it may succeed in distracting you for years.

Here are the 7 main things holding people back--and the solutions. Yes! The solutions are often the same: the beauty and elegance of Divine Openings is that it resolves everything when we are not blocking it with things like:

  • Trying to Get There Mentally. Trying to figure it all out. That can never work. Solution: Get out of the mind. Get into the body. Dance more. Play with your Instrument Panel by getting up and dramatizing the feelings using your body. Solutions: Retreat that puts you in No-Mind, and transforms your life forever. Sessions with a Divine Openings Guide can help with blind spots. etc.  The combo: Portal 1 and 1st Aid for Analytical Mind.
  • Haven't Opened Love Pipes to all family, exes. Soften, allow it to be what it is, give it to The Presence. "Just be willing for a miracle to happen." Do it for you, not them. Solutions: Online PortalsRetreatsSessions
  • Any Addiction, Dependency, or Habit that you must do regularly has usurped your Will, and it is choosing for you, so progress is totally blocked. Alcohol, weed, drugs, cigs, vaping, pills, sex, bad relationships, shopping, food, and seeking, etc.
  • Numb, Not in the Body. People usually have no idea how numb they are.  The online Portals open you gently, gradually over time so it's not scary. The psyche is trying to protect you from painful feelings, but now you can handle it. Solution: RetreatsSessions
  • The Conscious Mind Piece not being applied. If one is undermining the Grace piece, for example, with sloppy thinking and speaking, clinging to spiritual cliches, superstitions, and myths--your free will is interfering with Grace helping you. Solution: use the conscious mind piece to master your mind. Online Portals take you step by step to mastery and freedom.
  • Unworthiness. Have you accepted your worthiness? If not, your pipes are shrunk. In reality, worthiness is a "given." Unworthiness is a mind construct. It is not real. That takes us full circle to achieving liberation from the mind. Solutions: Online PortalsRetreatsSessions
  • Seeking Addiction - Seeking throws your power away. Working on yourself stops you from ever being there NOW. It's mind-focused, and liberation is No-Mind. Mixing modalities confuses focus, clouds your energy field. Small self wants you distracted so you never get still and go inside. Solution: focus on Divine Openings (or any one path that WORKS)--that takes you inside.

Of course there are other blocks and blind spots, but 99% of the time it's these very seven potholes. When we're out of the way, Divine Openings works.

My life's desire is for your wonderful life.
Ease and Grace,


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